10 Tips to Teach You to Survive the Australian SummerDecember 13, 2017

This summer will be different from the previous ones if the weather forecast will be taken into serious consideration. La Niña, a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that is the counterpart of El Niño, will happen anytime this season. Sea surface temperature may be lower than the normal (temperature) by a few degrees Celsius, but it has massive effects. Drought and heavy snowfall can happen in North America while Australia won't feel the sweltering heat. This can be good news for those who want to explore the Great Barrier Reef, as scientists fear that this coral reef system, one of the Seven Natural Wonders, may disappear by 2050. The more adventurous (or strange) ones may not be deterred by this so-called abnormal change in the weather, hoping to spot a shark. Let's not speculate that they have sympathy with the Great White in "Jaws".

University students look forward to the summer, rain or no rain. Idleness is an option, but the coursework would teach them about making most of their time. You can do a Browning (and count the ways).

Oz in summer: What you should do

Watch pajama cricket. Cricket is defined by its immaculately-white outfit, which can bring out your competitive side. If you happen to be a Sydneysider or Melburnian, then remember that this is not about butting heads (or an attempt to imitate the bickering of your favourite players). It's rather having fun that Aussies love (aside from rugby). If you have a colourful (cricket) attire, then wear it. No need to worry if your family and mates would disapprove it. (Nothing will be taken against you.) Various cities organise a watch-pajama-cricket-at-night events. There might be one in your area, so ask around.

Eat gelato and pizza. If you happen to reside in Carlton, then you know what lures locals to Lygon Street. If you live far away, then don't fret about it. Finding an establishment that offers gelato and pizza might not be harder than you think it is. Food would relieve you from the stress associated with the coursework, but not this season. Eat it, relish it as well. You've earned it after working hard on your assignments.

Work on your upper-body strength. If you haven't tried surfing, then summer will give you all the time to indulge on exercising. Not that overweight individuals can't try surfing on Manly Beach (or any popular surfing spot), but you may get frustrated after rolling over below the (sea) surface.

Borrow a book at the Coogee Beach Library. If you don't fancy getting wet, then you have other options. Tan can make you look good, if not wanting your mates to be envious of your "healthy" look. If you've been a Sydneysider all your life, then you can't miss the Coogee Beach Library. Borrowing a book is free of charge. Magazine(s) will help you kill the time, but you can't read for hours. The sea beckons.

Have some fish, chips, and beer. Your Bondi experience would be incomplete without it, but you can do it at the coastline nearest you. Make sure that you won't leave your litter. Think about the sea, think about the poor (marine) creatures.

Ride a bike. Weather won't be a problem here. You can do it anytime, but it will better to plan ahead. Imagine the hundreds of trees, which can turn a journey into an adrenaline-charged experience. The Centennial Parkland is arguably the best place to do this kind of activity, but it can also happen in your area.

Take a look at Hosier Lane. If you're a Melburnian, then you would recommend it to those who haven't set foot in Melbourne. Street art abounds in this part of the metropolis, and the illustrations are anything but poor imitation of another artist's masterpiece. If you can't put the lid on your creative urge, then make your own street art. Have fun.

See the little penguins march in Philip Island. These adorable birds are only found in Australia and New Zealand. These diminutive ones may not be imitate the dramatic march of the Emperor penguins in the Antarctica, but it doesn't make them less interesting than their bigger cousins. Prepare to be awed at them.

Release your inner hippie. There are lots of festivals across Oz, and it couldn't get any better than Byron Bay, the site of that popular summer music festival. If you've been hooked to Top 40 tunes, then you might not enjoy this event at all. Keep an open mind, as you open your ears for a song (or two) that you'll hum for months.

Cook barbecues on your backyard. There can't be a better way to celebrate Christmas than observing it at your own backyard, but some foreigners may find it a bit too odd for their taste. Explain it (if it's a must).

Turn on the telly (and bring out your racket)

Summer is that special time of the year for tennis fans. Roger Federer will play in the Hopman Cup for the second straight year. The Brisbane International will be a star-studded field. (Almost). Venus Williams, who reached the finals of the Australian Open early this year, will lead the players participating in the Apia International Sydney. These serve as warm-up events for the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam event of the year. If Federer defends his title successfully, then he will have esteemed company. (Roy Emerson and Novak Djokovic have the most singles titles.) On the women's side, Serena Williams might be the fourth mother to win a major event.

You can get hooked to the sport (and do all of the above) if you rather enjoy the season. You might plan to prepare for the new term during the final month (of summer), though.

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