10 Ways to Celebrate Australia Day like an AussieDecember 28, 2017

January 26 would mark Australia Day, prompting you to wonder about James Cook's first impression about Australia when he set foot on it. If you have listened to your History lessons, then you would know that James Cook wasn't the first to make a landing on the island continent. Fifty European ships have made landfall between 1606 and 1770, but it was Cook who claimed the island. It happened on August 22, 1770, where Cook, a captain in the Royal Navy, named it New South Wales.

Australia Day was a realisation, and then awareness, of what it was like to be an Aussie. It would meet with controversy along with a long-simmering anger. (The Indigenous Australians, also the Aboriginal Australians, assert that their forefathers would be the true inhabitants of the island continent. They have been brushed aside for so long, another attempt on the historical perspective from a white man's point of view.) It wouldn't be the case anymore (or so it seemed to be). Blame it on the searing seat, which would lead to the construction of a retractable roof on Melbourne Park. The subject is not tennis, though.

Celebrating Australia Day under the sun is an encouraging thought. (Who wants to go out in the cold?) Moreover, you don't have to worry about school (or university for that matter). It's a long holiday, and there are many ways to show your (Aussie) pride.

How to be a True Blue Aussie

Bring out your green and gold. These colours would be on full display during sports events, which should be the right thing to do. Australia Day doesn't expect you to show your competitive side, which comes out before the start of a rugby game. Glow sticks will do, even tattoo (if you want to show it off during the next few weeks). You can add more fun (and don a Mexican sombrero). There's nothing wrong with painting your face with the colours of the Australian flag. (It's an exception.) Don't ever think of green-and-gold mankini, though.

Fire up that Barbie. You're not a true Aussie if you would think of a doll (with a beautiful face and fit body). Summer is the perfect time to bring out the cans of beer to your backyard and lit up the barbecue grill. You don't need to be the perfect cook to come up with sizzling snags (sausages) and sumptuous prawns (shrimps). If your mother couldn't recall where she hid Barbie, then you might have to set aside a morning (or afternoon) to look for it.

Relive the greatest hits from Australia's top recording artists. You have heard the best hits of INXS, but you don't have a clue about Icehouse (or their biggest hit, "Electric Blue"). You can ask the fans of these pop rock bands, if not relive 80s music. The Hot 100 may no longer be aired on Australia Day, but Taylor Swift's "Reputation" can wait for the next week (or next month).

Get ready for Australia Day Test. It's not a coincidence that cricket, one of Australia's beloved sports, is in the headlines during the first month of the year. The loud cheers are expected, a fine display of patriotism. And it doesn't come at a better time. It's not a good time to don gold and green, though.

Watch the Australian Open. The men's semifinal matches will be held on January 26. Nick Kyrgios might have conquered his personal demons, finding himself in the final four. Casey Dellacqua and Ashleigh Barty might be playing for a place in the finals, if not the championships. There's something to cheer on.

Open a slab. You would know it at a very young age, a carton of 24 cans of beer bought from the bottle (local bottle shop). And your favourite brand is VB (Victoria Bitter). Australia Day is a good excuse to get a bit drunk. You can also do a round of the bars, and figure out the best beer in town. (It won't be Crown, which might please the queen.) After all, Aussies are known for their love of bitter.

Go for the Tim-Tam Slam. It's not another term for a (calendar) Grand Slam, but rather a chocolate biscuit that Aussies can't live without. You can't be an exception, as your mother may be shocked otherwise.

Watch an Aussie film. If you like a good tearjerker, then "Red Dog" should be the one for you. If you want a good laugh, as well as a trip down high school lane, then no one can beat "Muriel's Wedding". And make sure that you'll choose the first "Crocodile Dundee" picture.

Do a patriotic sing-a-long. You won't be fined for singing out of tune.

Witness a firework. What better way to end the evening.

The best time to meet your mates

Australia Day is a good excuse to meet your coursemates (or flatmates) whom you've missed for some time. You don't have to talk about the coursework, as anyone who brings it up must treat everyone for another slab.

Perhaps our forefathers may not like how the younger generation observe Australia Day, but it's about relevance. If you want to take it seriously, then you can visit your local library. Do a Google search. Ask your grandparents. A little fun won't hurt.

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