10 Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick's DayMarch 21, 2016

It was a heartbreaking moment for the Irish populace in Sydney, as debt forced the cancelation of Saint Patrick's Day festivity. But better late than never.

Saint Patrick's Day falls on a Thursday. This would mean you can think of a belated celebration this weekend, if not the next. It can be a good excuse to forget the stress at the workplace. It can also be a chance to catch up with your mates. In case they're not descendants of Irish immigrants, then you can introduce them to Irish culture. Nothing beats a glass of Guinness. Tell tem to wear a green suit.

Here are ten ways to celebrate the event:

Make yourselves noticed. Have you tried a funny-looking hat? You might like it. Make sure there's a green color in it.

Go to the nearest pub, with your green hat. Someone would ask you if you were in Dreamland (a few days ago). Tell them you were sick. If you're not Irish, then do your best to speak with an Irish accent.

Order a Guinness with coffee. Maybe you came to the pub a little early. You're getting tired of gulping liquor every weekend. How about adding coffee into your glass of Guinness? It would be a new experience. In case you don't like the taste, then make sure you already order your favourite meal.

A Guinness shake and an Oreo chip can be another option. This may be a better treat, which attracks kids. They won't be around, though. No harm in reliving your younger days. Don't forget your Irish accent.

Talk about your favourite Irish authors. Someone might mention Colm Tóibín's "Brooklyn", and not a few Sydneysiders could relate to it. (They would be immigrants, but only a trolley bag and a folded airline ticket will keep them from getting nervous in front of an immigration officer.) The novel would probe into Ireland's unstable political system, and how it forced thousands of Irishmen to migrate to faraway lands. This could be serious discussion, so better not drink too much.

Visit a zoo. Legends tell that St. Patrick drove a snake out of Ireland. But it would be farther from the truth. (Cold weather could be the reason for the absence of snakes in this part of Europe.) This may lead to a discussion on endemic species in Ireland.

Pay your librarian a visit. Ireland was once shrouded in mystery, which was similar to medieval England. You could drop by the library and look for books on Irish folklore. If you don't fancy it, go online. It won't take several minutes before you stumble into Irish legends.

Play a trivia game. Unless you came from Ireland, then prepare to lose on this one.

Reach out to other Irishmen. There's fun in numbers, right?

Plan your holiday in Ireland. It might be better to go there during the winter season in Oz.

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