10 Habits You Must Change During your First Year of CollegeJuly 26, 2017

It's a sign, but it won't be the coming apocalypse. It's a point of utter ignorance, when you're about to destroy yourself. And you deserve it. You're a young, healthy student, even well-off compared to your coursemates. You seem to have it all, yet you have habits that could affect your focus on your coursework. You might be unaware of the effects it can do to you or you're too proud (to let go of it). It's your first year in the university, so all is not lost.

Adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood. Responsibility may excite some students, even challenge them to be their better selves. Wait until they become adults. (It will be another story.) University is the place where you'll learn to be responsible for your actions. (If you don't do well, then it may strain your relationship with your parents. And don't discuss complicated relationships as special cases.) No one wants a failing mark especially if you think about the tuition fee. There's another thing: You're a Millennial. In this regard, some public figures aren't role models. It doesn't mean that you lack empathy on the pressure that they must deal with, but you should know better. (It's the same with them.)

Youngsters follow the crowd, but everyone wants to be unique individuals. As far as the coursework is concerned, they have ten habits that affect their chances of doing well (in the university). There's a good chance that you aren't too different from them. These so-called destructive traits include self entitlement, tendency for procrastination, inability to say NO, addiction to social media, lack of sleep, laziness, vice(s), little (or no) self discipline, poor communication skills, and that you-only-live-once mindset.

It's About Time to Deal With These Habits

Self entitlement won't take you anywhere. You might disagree with this one, citing Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic. Both tennis players could have been Grand Slam winners if they are highly motivated in the (tennis) courts. If they embrace the strict regimen that the best athletes do (to stay at the top), then they won't be suffering from injuries at an early stage of their careers. In your case, there shouldn't be any excuse to be late for your lectures, even missing the deadline for your assignments. Don't feign sickness unless you're getting distracted by it. Keep in mind that nothing is being given on a silver platter. If you don't study well enough, then you won't pass the requirements (to earn your undergraduate degree).

Procrastination will hurt you in the long run. The key to finishing your assignments on time is to do it right away. Pressure will affect your ability to think well, which you need during paper writing. It also applies to examinations, where the brain can't recall all the notes you review the night before the test. If it's a multiple-choice type of examination, then you may have a chance for a miracle. (It's no secret that the first guess is usually the right one.)

Learn to say NO. Peer pressure is a common issue among teenagers especially if there's a party that is hard to pass up. No one forbids you to attend one, but you can schedule it during the weekend. It's all about priority, so don't feel sorry for yourself if you may end up being the only one in the block who is not having a good time.

Keep a distance from social media. It can be another form of communication between you and your mates, even keeping your family updated with your whereabouts. It can be addictive sooner than you think. Don't lean into it unless you can use it for your next assignment.

Don't lose sleep. It's no secret that teenagers tend to sleep late, so they might miss their lectures the following day. There's no excuse, even if you have to beat a deadline. (You should have known better.) You must have to go to bed at a certain hour, and try to not to sleep earlier or later. You'll feel good in the long run.

You can't be lazy at this stage (of your academic career). If your body isn't up to it, then remind yourself that you won't have another chance. It might be too costly to you (or your folks).

Put a stop on those vices. The pressure, if not the company of friends, prompts you to lit a cigarette. If not the nicotine, then alcohol. Food can be another option, even if some will argue that it's safer in the short run. It won't help you at all, so don't be adamant (if you think otherwise).

Where's your self discipline? It's related to the previous items, but look at the bigger picture. Managing a coursework can be routine if you show some self discipline. It may not be easy, but it only takes practice to get used to it. Do it now.

You must be conscious of your communication skills. The ability to express yourself plays a huge part in your success (or lack of success) in the coursework. If you're able to do something about it, then the usual problems (like grammar mistakes) won't be a repetitive offense.

There's a proper place for everything. You want to live your life to the fullest, and you believe that the university is the best place to do it. Remember why you're there in the first place.

What is There to Lose?

You may be deemed different if you change your habits, even lose the chance of having many friends. It's not about the number. (You'll learn more about it when you become older.) Your success is more important than having hundreds of friends in your Facebook account.

Self doubt will hit you now and then, even bouts of self pity. Call your parents, as well as your old mates (from your childhood). You can reach out to your tutor, who will be glad to know you better.

Paper writing comprises the bulk of your coursework. If you want to avoid common grammar mistakes (in English writing), then read this post again.

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