10 reasons to celebrate National Pyjama DayJuly 01, 2016

If you have forgotten National Pyjama Day, then mark July 22. Aussies wear their best pyjama, a campaign that will help children in foster care. If you're not in an altruistic mood, then there's still a good reason to participate in this event. Make it ten:

July 22 falls on a Friday. You won't switch on irresponsible mode while listening to your favourite tunes. It won't be "Last Friday Night (T. G. I. F.)", though. It's the final day of the working week, and you want this Friday to be different from the rest (of the year). Your superior will understand your participation, as long as your heart is into it.

You've been wanting to wear pyjama all day. You tried it on a Sunday, and your mates were amused by it. But not Mum. (She thought it was about time you would become a responsible adult.) You would insist on doing it on a Friday as you were getting sick and tired of suits and jackets. Then again, you might be itching to get lost in a foreign land. It would be a different case, though.

How about not fixing yourself for a day? You would swear that good hygiene was part of your routine.

Generosity would reward you. You could meet wonderful people who share your (generous) sentiment, and you rather do it in a fun way. You don't have time for volunteering, but you could spare a day. And what a difference it would be.

This one's for the children. You're a kid at heart. It should be laddie instead.

You must show off your new pyjama. Your mates thought you were an odd chap, while your female colleagues would suppress their laughter. Your pyjama reminded them of the ugly sweater. It turned out that you had no (good) taste in clothing.

You rather not wear a pair of shorts. You still couldn't come to terms with your pair of skinny legs. If you only figure out that you're a lanky fellow. If you manage to run three times a week. You haven't mastered the art of time management, which you should have done after your first year in the university.

Loose pyjama is the one for you. They won't notice your love handles. You already made your New Year resolution, but you rather lie in bed for about an hour after a visit to la-la land.

It turns out that you fancy pyjama. Your family thought it was a phase, but you would insist that it could pass as normal behaviour. You tend to oversleep, and you prefer the most comfortable attire. You won't settle on one, though.

Nothing beats the light feeling. You often don a shirt and a pair of jeans, but you prefer the pyjama. Your mother wanted to stop you from making it a habit, and you were an obedient lad. She thought it would make you look sick, which you don't mind at all. It gave you a good excuse to lie down all day.

If you have one good reason to participate in National Pyjama Day, then tell us. Now.

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