10 Thesis Topics That Will Catch Your Professor's AttentionJuly 11, 2018

This post is for students of the English Department who will receive their undergraduate degree soon. They must overcome this final hurdle, which is the most challenging part of the coursework. The final term is another year of paper writing and examinations, with the thesis on the side. Not a few B.A. English students rather put it on the top of their list, though.

The Me Too movement could prompt some students to revisit "Muriel's Wedding", but this disarming comedy is more of an affirmation of a so-called ugly duckling. (Think of role-playing after your high school years are behind you.) There are others are hesitant to look into the bush once more. Poetry is not their cup of tea. A few years of reading (and studying) countless poems didn't make them grow fond of this (literary) genre. Then again, many members of the reading public rather read a Young-adult novel. It could surprise a lot of literary aficionados, but think of the daily routine. It can be a soul-crushing, if not numbing, experience, and it can happen to those who have families. This can be an intriguing topic for students who are specialising in social studies, psychology as well.

Your thesis is a culmination of your few years in the English Department, the final test on whether you appreciate the courses that you have studied intensely. Those long hours, if not some sleepless nights, should have enlightened you at the very least. It will prompt you to think that Toni Collette's breakthrough feature could be better off as an essay topic. And bush poetry should be read (and analysed) during your semester on poetry (or a group of poets from a particular era).

The Harvey Weinstein case would change the status quo, which make students look at literature in a different light.

What Women Got to Do With It?

The changes of roles of women during the 20th women (or 21st century). The current zeitgeist should make B.A. English students, who are inclined to pursue this argument, think about the novels they have studied during the last few years. And to come to the conclusion that the status quo hardly changed since Jane Austen's lifetime won't come as a shock at all. (French filmmaker Claire Denis could be quoted on this one.) It's important to cite several characters, from different periods (or genres), in able to support this argument. In other words, Austen must not be mentioned at all. (You might have discussed her too many times in your past assignments.) Adding a male author (like D.H. Lawrence) should spice things up.

The difference between literature in Australia and Great Britain (or the United States). Aside from the bush, there must be a trait defining Australian literature from English literature (or American literature for that matter). If you suspect the dearth of female authors, then plan your long research into it. Don't be disheartened if it could take two months (or more).

Roles of gender. Virginia Woolf's "Orlando" might be a classic case, but this argument requires you to look for subtle representations. In this regard, William Shakespeare could be a gold mine. Or is it?

Gender representation in Gothic fiction. Your female coursemates might frown at the fact that the likes of Edgar Allan Poe would let a young man narrate the unfortunate events. Some critics could point out that the first-person point of view would mean that the narrator must be an authority (or Roald Dahl would think so). Many Gothic authors would trace the root of the problems to a female figure. Read (and discuss) Rick Riordan's tales (or mishaps) of demigods.

Female masculinities in English literature. This may be the most challenging argument, which might threaten your chances of graduating on time. It could be the most rewarding experience IF you dare to go through great lengths. It might mean spending almost a day in the library, also struggling from insomnia. You can get into trouble with your professor(s) for missing lectures, but you can pull it off if you show lots of passion in it. Look for your tutor for inspiration.

The significance of fairy tales in literature. Writers of fairy tales are not misogynists, but there could be a problem somewhere. Trouble in the domestic front? It seemed too good to be true, but some students ignored the obvious.

Character comparisons between books and films. Forget about the (female) villains in fairy tales like "The Little Mermaid". An attempt to deconstruct the malevolent (female) characters in Hammer films might not take you far. Think of the Brangwen sisters. Take a look at Elizabeth Bennet one more time. Imagine Aphrodite in popular culture. (Don't read Riordan's books for hints.) There could be another one.

Historical accuracy (or inaccuracy) in historical novels. Victor Hugo's notorious depiction of Catherine de' Medici may seems unfair, as she was thinking of survival. She wasn't too different from the female members of the British royal family. (Elizabeth I could have been a dictator during her reign.) Don't inject your literary aspirations in this genre, attempting to imagine these infamous figures in a positive light. There might be a novel on Christina, Queen of Sweden, though.

When was Children's literature founded? It won't take a minute to answer it, but you may not have an argument to expound from it. Look into other (literary) genres. Make a comparison. Draw an (interesting) conclusion.

The function of animals in literature. Some readers would be looking into this kind of stories too hard, arguing that these four-legged characters (or many-legged ones) resemble men in the actual life. There might be a reason behind it, they may be looking at it the wrong way. It's your turn to find something that has been overlooked many times.

The Perks of Completing Your Requirements

You might not have time to celebrate the completion of your coursework, as you have become too exhausted from the long time you spend on your thesis. It can be open a lot of doors, though.

You might be asked about a graduate degree. And you must not be coy about it. Someone might have read your work, and be impressed about it. A juicy offer could be coming your way. You may miss the experience, such that you're toying with the idea of writing your own book. There's no need to go to the Outback for inspiration, though.

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