10 reasons to watch WimbledonMay 27, 2016

The Championships, Wimbledon will kick on June 27. It will be the 139th year, which will make it the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club prides itself in tradition, which is what this Grand Slam event is known for. The organisers don't want to be left behind, so there are gradual changes through the years. For instance, this season ushers a new era (of sort). The French Open and Wimbledon will be three weeks apart, which might be a little consolation to players. But one more extra week is better than none. Completing a Channel Slam is a daunting task, as clay and grass are polar opposites. Rafael Nadal was the last to do it, which was six years ago.

You wonder what makes Wimbledon stand out. You're not paying attention to what is being shown on the telly if you can't enumerate it. (You're still clueless after a minute or so.) Let's count it out:

You won't see the name of the sponsors in the main courts. You might raise your eyebrows, as you'll believe otherwise. (It will be waste of time to argue about it.) Let's just say that the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is passionate about the sport. It was only during the 2012 Summer Olympics when they made an exception to the rule, which was fitting enough. Images of Centre Court in different colours seemed like a surreal moment.

The first Sunday is a rest day. You must attend the tournament to know the significance behind the rest day. This will allow fans to enjoy the surroundings while munching on strawberries. And players need all the rest they can get (for the second week). There were a few instances when rainfall forced organisers to let players complete their matches on a Sunday, but the main courts have retractable roofs.

White must be the main colour. It will denote purity, but there's more to the rule on white outfit. There's something formal and orderly about the hue. Enough said.

It's the only major tournament played on grass. The surface favours players who have strong serves. Those who often go to the net will be rewarded. All the Grand Slam events were played on grass before professionals were allowed to compete in the tour. This would mean that the serve-and-volley game was commonly seen by the fans. Only a few still specialise on it, which can be a delight.

Raindrops (keep falling on your head). Before the retractable roof was put in place, Wimbledon would be incomplete without the suspended matches. Spectators must brave the rain, with their umbrellas, while viewers would tend to their errands. It would still be the case in the other courts. You must be there, though.

Venus Rosewater Dish. It could be an enlarged version of your aunt's favourite plate, but it would be far from it.

Miss. Female players aren't called by their surnames after the scores are announced. They are ladies playing in the most prestigious tournament, so it will be Miss Williams defending her ladies' singles title.

History. Some of the most memorable matches took place in the Centre Court. Roger Federer's five-set loss to Nadal during the 2008 finals. Federer's sixth gentleman's singles title (over Andy Roddick) in 2009. The semifinal match between Federer and Juan Martin del Potro at the 2012 Olympics. We almost forgot the marathon match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.

Fashion moments. Wimbledon is all about abiding by the rules, but some players would break them. Anne White's all-in-one spandex jumpsuit (in 1985). Maria Sharapova's tuxedo style top (in 2008). Serena Williams's all-white trench during her warm-up sessions (in 2008). It won't end there.

Trophy presentation. The most dramatic moment would be Jana Novotna crying on the shoulder of the Duchess of Kent after the 1993 finals. It won't be the last one.

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