4 Healthy Living Tips for University StudentsFebruary 18, 2020

You're not alarmed about a cruise ship that was docked in Sydney, where one passenger was complaining about respiratory illness. There wasn't any shipboard outbreak, which would mean that the health ministry had ruled out coronavirus. But it should be a wake-up call for university students including you.

It may not be wrong to indulge during the summer, but it should be high time that you start living healthy. You can be friendly and happy, even during those moments when the seemingly insurmountable odds are about to overwhelm you. You have experienced it while procrastinating on your assignment, if not having taken you days before you completed your application essay. If you happen to be on your second year, if not your final year, then you must try to be patient and generous. It should make you wonder if it's a foolish thing to do, as you haven't participated in any form of community service. You only need to recall your favourite novel by Charles Dickens. (You must admire a chap who was able to think of personal narrative topics after living in Devil's Acre. It's not a hideout for wizards who oppose the ymbrynes.) Your moments of struggle should motivate you, such that passing up the deadline won’t happen. (And you haven't missed one.) You don't want to knock on wood, as it would take a strong will to overcome difficulties, and doing so should give you more confidence in handling the coursework. A positive mindset is the foundation of a healthy living. It goes with the effort you put into paper writing and studying (for examinations), as well as keeping a close attention to your professors during lecture hours. (It must be challenging to do it every other morning.) In this regard, you have found a way on how to study. There's no need to ask your parents for advice, as you rather do a research on your next holiday. (You want to set food in India after watching a Bollywood feature with your coursemates.) It must wait for a little later, though.

In This "Corrupted" World, the Best Tips are Free

Eat well in the lead-up to examinations. You're likely to write a paper on prose/poem, if not a certain topic that you have studied a week or two ago. Pressure is nothing new, yet you still have to get used to it, if not embrace the entire process. You might forget to eat during the time that you're studying for an examination, if not skip breakfast. Don't do it. If you sense hunger, it could affect your focus. And you don't want to experience it during the examination. Cereal and/or fruit would do, which should lead to the next item.

Don't binge on high-sugar food. You're supposed to enjoy your short time in the university, which would mean enjoy your meal. It should give you a good feeling especially if it's your favourite food. (It can be a snack or fruit/vegetable as well.) It doesn't mean that you must invite your flatmate (or coursemate) on every meal. You won't think about it during the hour before your examination. Variety is the key, but it doesn't include chips, pizza, and soda. Another thing is high level of sugar could affect your sleeping pattern. Keep that in mind.

Fish oil tablets won't do much. You must have heard about the benefits of fish oil tablets, one of which is it supposedly makes you smarter. It's far from the truth. If it does, your intake won't matter much if you sleep less and spend more time on your (study) chair or lying in bed. It's about an active lifestyle and an active mind, where one won't exist without the other. Don't worry too much about a particular concept that you haven't understood in its entirety. You’ll recall it sooner than you think. If you miss your visit to the gym (or your routine set of exercises), then you could make it up the following day or the day after next.

Avoid getting sick. It has nothing to do with coronavirus, but the symptoms should remind you about your resistance (or susceptibility) to illnesses. It starts with stress, which could lead to burnout, if not sickness. You may not have the time (or resources) for a last-minute holiday, but you could take a nap. The best option would be staring outside your window, and then let your mind wander. You could recall your father's awe after seeing the pyramids from his hotel (in Cairo), if not having not enough time listening to all the buskers in the Southwark District (in London). If you haven't been around, you could think of your first surfing experience. Artificial wave pool would kill the fun, but you don't have time to debate on it.

Talk to Them

It’s important to talk to people you meet often, as it could be healthy (or stimulating). It would be best to talk to your family and friends, but you might be an introvert. You’re not different from the rest (if it’s the case), as prolonged isolation could affect anyone. It’s about time to get off the computer screen and live healthy.

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