5 Reasons to Join a Student SocietyFebruary 23, 2016

You'll attend the university soon, and you can't wait for O-Week. This is supposed to be the first week of the term, but some students won't count it. You have an idea on how student societies give a warm welcome to first-year students. And they'll likely join one.

There's reluctance in your part. Your self assurance is unquestioned, which would amaze your parents. You rather mingle with people who share your interests. Does this mean you'll be a lone wolf in the university? Not exactly. You'll meet people, even find new mates. There are instances when it happens during those least expected moments. (You don't fancy your housemate at first, but you might warm up to him later.) A student society is considered natural progression. There's no other way to build a network within the university. Here are five reasons to find one:

There are days when the coursework will be too heavy for you. The time will come when you need to talk to someone. You need advice, even distract yourself from the deadlines. The members (of the society) will lend a sympathetic ear. Older students have been there, done that. Any advice you'll get from them will be valuable.

Nothing beats the sense of belonging. This is what you'll take for granted. It won't be lack of sensitivity on your part, but rather finding people whom you can be yourself. And when you need to assert, you know whom you can count for support. This will help you do better in your coursework. It's not about you (all the time).

You'll learn new skills, which will help you find a job. If you fancy setting up your own student society, then create a Facebook page. Let the world notice you. Think of ways to sustain your group. It will take much of your time, so there will be days when you must choose one over the other. (Some students will resort to procrastination. Unless you can master it, then better plan ahead.) You can ask your tutor (or any member of the faculty) for advice. They might be impressed. And the skills you learned will be a great addition to your CV.

You won't be lonely. You're too young for solitude. Be open to new experience. Don't be a stranger. If something goes wrong, then it can't be worse. (You won't notice the camaraderie until you become conscious of it.) Enjoy every moment, while keeping your priorities straight.

You won't suffer from boredom. There are many items in your list, but expect some days when you wish there's one to keep you from boredom. You can include the student society.

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