5 ways to keep the cold-weather blues at bayJuly 07, 2016

In moments of distress, a warm soup could put a smile on that sad face. Salvation Army thought of the Souperhero campaign, which would ease the trouble of the less-privileged citizens. If you're in a generous mood, then you can't think of a better way to make a difference on your neighbours. If you want to do it for experience's sake, then this is the right venue. If you want to meet different people (and possibly make new friends), then the members of the Salvation Army will be there for you. And the campaign happens during the winter season. (It will be July 25-31.) It can't be better, right?

What are you waiting for? Here are five ways to keep the (cold-weather) blues at bay:

You must be a superhero. Don't be a killjoy by attending the event in your usual attire. You shouldn't be mortified at the prospect of being laughed at. After all, this is not about you. You can dress up for the part by wearing the uniform of your favourite superhero. If you lean to the dark side, then you can consider the Suicide Squad. Make sure that it won't startle the children. (This is another reminder. It's not about you.) Perhaps Amanda Waller (or her male counterpart) will do.

A shirt will do. If you can't find a superhero attire, then it will be fine. If you can't afford to buy one, then there's no need to do it. Keep in mind that it's the deed that counts the most. A shirt with a Superman logo will be good enough. If you don't fancy him, then think of your favourite Marvel superhero. In case it's DC superhero, then it won't be the Man of Steel.

It will be better to know how to make a good soup. Sydneysiders will rave about Acme's Alphabet Soup. It's a misnomer, as appearance prompts traveler to recall their holiday in Japan. (It looks like a ramen.) Melburnians will cite Pope Joan, which offers a chicken broth like no other. (Broth is infused with konbu, soy sauce, and spring onions. It's then served with pickled ginger, shallots, and clams.) Let's not forget Hey Jupiter (from Adelaide). This is the one for those who prefer a pumpkin or a cauliflower (as one of the ingredients). A healthy soup should be a good one.

Your family might want to lend a helping hand. The more, the merrier. Nothing will be more memorable than doing a good deed with the people you know. You must not worry if they're not available (for whatever reason). The Salvation Army will welcome you (with open arms). They will make you feel at home. Instantly. And you might want to go back (after it's all over).

Put up a good mood. You didn't go there to make your presence. There are moments when you can't help but be observant of your new surrounding, which puts you in a serious mood. There's no harm in it. Don't forget your smile. Talk to those who need company. And remember how lucky you are.

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