5 Tips to Avoid a Meltdown in the Examination HallDecember 26, 2018

You're not thinking about the university, not even O-Week (if you happen to be an incoming freshman). You rather wonder if the summer would be warmer than last year (or the previous years). You’re not thinking about a meltdown, yet something is missing here. It has nothing to do with tan. You must have a general idea about the examinations.

It doesn't get easier when you take an examination especially if you write an essay on limited time. You wouldn't worry too much about it, as you fancy poetry. And you have read an interesting news feature on certain businessmen who are passionate about poetry. You didn't recall their names, as you wonder if they become full-pledged authors sooner or later. It may be a waste of time (to think about it), as you must spend more time outdoors. Go to a relaxing spot, a beach in particular. And think about the upcoming term.

You should have submitted your application essay, if not survive your first year in the university. You should have learned a few things on how to handle pressure, if not the extra pressure that comes with paper writing. Can you do better the next time around? It's important to read the next part of this post (whether you're ready or not).

Training for Efficiency: Here's a Plan to Avoid Mid-Paper Panic

You must get used to it. Dreading the examination should be a huge mistake. Experience is the best teacher, so you wouldn't panic when examination day looms ahead. If you insist that you can't loosen up, then go to your playlist. What keeps you relaxed? It's rare to find a teenage student who doesn't have a favourite song, such that they can relate to (a teenage) Spider-man who is having problems with not sticking out in walls. You don't have to be a comics fan to figure it out, as it's harder to understand someone from the southern seas who happen to be a lost descendant of the mythical continent of Atlantis. Someone is pulling your leg, though.

You can do it (and keep on saying it). It should be difficult for you to comprehend positive attitude, if not the simple act of repeating what you would say during those pressure-filled moments. You can do it, you must say. You must repeat it if you need to motivate yourself. There are some students who might notice you, and they may give you a strange look. If you happen to found yourselves in the examination hall, then ignore them. You have to pass that examination, and there’s no other way.

Don't forget to take deep breaths. You get panic attacks by the sudden thought (that you would take an examination). Breathing is an effective way of relaxing prior to the grueling test. Breath deeply, do it again and do it once more. You can do it one more time until you can sense the ease in your mind and body. If that won't be enough, then do another set. It doesn't matter if you perform several sets (of breathing), as long as there won't be any signs of panic attacks before the beginning of the test.

You must have a plan. If you haven't thought about this one the week before the examination, if not the night before the (dreaded) day, then you should be able to come up with a vague idea on how to approach your examination. If it's an essay examination, then you must be able to think of an argument within thirty minutes after reading the text. You must not be afraid if you don't have a clue about it, as you have written essay papers countless times. (If you're an incoming freshman, then your knowledge on literary genres and authors should give you a good start.) What you know is probably more than good enough, but you can commit a mistake (during the examination). Don't spend a long time on reading, if not analyse a text. You don't have all day. (And it may be sensible to get a passing mark.)

Don't forget to go for breaks. You can't sit in the chair during the entire duration of the examination, as your body can't handle the pressure for a very long time. Your professor won't mind you taking a break, as long as it's long enough to distract you from the examination momentarily. And that would help you finish your draft (of your essay examination) ahead of time. On the other hand, you might think twice about standing up. It can distract your coursemates, so you should seek permission from your professor.

It’s Not Wise to Revise Through the Night

You must not be distracted by anything prior to the examination. And lack of sleep can disrupt your concentration. You might not be in the mood, which can be worse. If you have pending deadlines, then you can ask the secretary of your department if it’s possible to extend it. You would be surprised by the extent of consideration. Good, long sleep may prompt you not to read this post one more time. But one more reminder won’t hurt you.

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