5 Ways to Encourage Students to Read for PleasureNovember 17, 2015

Kids would know the answer. Let Mum or Dad read their favourite book aloud. And it be better to have illustrations. The English Department expects students to go through the reading list, and it will be up to them how to find the time to do it. Don't expect it to be fun. Then again, you wonder if it should be an entertaining experience. Don't think long and hard.

It's possible to read for pleasure, even if there are deadlines to meet. And you shouldn't be daunted by the coursework. (Everything can be learned, even be good at it.) This will be the best time to recall childhood, especially those moments when you indulge in reading. You can't do it during the term, especially when you have little time for other things. (When was the last time you attended a party?) Here are five ways:

Drop everything. The moment will come when you wish you can do something else. But you can't afford to kill the time. Not even an hour. Think again. It can be done if you want it. In fact, this might be the break you need. Keep in mind that we can think of great ideas, if not be in a creative state, if we're in a relaxed mode. Now, you're confused. The term doesn't get easier, as the weeks go by. It's not like this is a matter of life or death. Don't take it too seriously. And do it right away. If you encounter mental block, then you can retreat to your own private world. And what would come next?

Bring out your favourite book. Nothing wrong about a hardbound with illustrations. If you read it, and enjoyed it, then there would no reason to go through the story again. If it's a title you haven't read, then there's nothing to be alarmed of. Do it at your own leisurely pace. (It's the only way to enjoy it.) Now, you wonder if it's a book like "Ulysses". If you prefer it that way, then no one is stopping you. Remember your reading list, though.

A reading contest will do. Why not ask your housemates to challenge yourselves? After all, the coursework is a series of obstacles. And this one will be fun. (You'll do anything to relieve the stress.) It can be "10 in 10", which means ten books in ten months. Short stories are not included, though. If you can't agree on it, then the summer will do. You have all the time in the world, so it will be the most titles. And a hamburger with beetroot can be the perfect prize.

Tell a good story. Your professor won't mind you reading a page or two from your favourite book before the beginning of the lecture. You must take turns, which will put everyone on a relaxed mode. This is the best way to be attentive to what your professor will say, while you try to remember everything.

Your surrounding must inspire you to read. Put your favourite books on your study table. Post self-stick notes with literary quotes on the wall. And keep a distance from your mobile phone. (You can include social media too.) You must read. And keep on reading. Remember what Mum and Dad used to do before you go sleep.

Do you have other suggestions? Let us know.

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