5 Ways to Prepare for University in High SchoolJanuary 20, 2020

You have been told that you're a lucky teenager, as Australia values student-life balance. It doesn't mean that you don't need to prepare for your entry to the university, though.

You're concerned about the bushfire affecting New South Wales, and you're lucky that your (high school) instructor didn't expect a creative response from you (regarding this crisis). University is another thing, so you must give more than your two cents on this issue. As a matter of fact, there are many literary works that are linked to bushfire, which Literature students would know before the end of their first year. You might have a change of mind (and pursue a dual degree), but this illustration would make you realise the importance of making the transition (from high school to university) in the shortest time.

You're seeking independence, like any teenager, and the campus could be your second home sans the prying eyes of your parents. Freedom comes with responsibility, which you didn't learn from your old mate who has read too many comic books. ("Joker" has the most Oscar nominations. Are you delighted with it? Someone from the faculty would be interested in the public fascination on DC villains, but you won't find out sooner.) You haven't been taught about the essential features in paper writing, which could make your life easier during the next few years. You're not too worried about it, as you're keen about the things that you have learned in high school, and how you could put it to good use in the university.

Helping You Set Your Expectations in the University's

Rest is important. You have lots of time at your hands, such that you daydream about a bestseller, which is based on a visit to the Meroe pyramids in Sudan. You should know that you would need rest after putting lots of effort into paper writing, and it would be sensible to daydream later. You're expected to argue on academically terms, which could be taxing sooner or later. There’s nothing to worry if you get enough rest, and you have done a thorough research on your essay topics.

You're responsible for your actions. Your coursemates are half serious about skipping lectures, but no one dares to do it. You could do such a thing in the university after a long night. (You must beat two deadlines, if not there's something urgent that you can't move it to another day or week.) These are you only valid excuses that you could tell your professor(s) (after missing a lecture. You must take to heart of the next one.

Missing lectures, and any other form of setback, doesn't mean the end of the world. The coursework will overwhelm you at some point, and it would be natural that it could make you doubt about your capabilities. Resilience may not be your trait, but you could still keep your resolve on doing the requirements that you must do (to earn your degree). If you’re struggling to force yourself (to do your assignments), then think of why you want to pursue a degree course. And always remember the tuition. It might be hard to be aware of it, as you notice some students who feel entitled, if not spoiled. It’s about time to be the exception, and there’s no need to lead by example. After all, it’s only you and what you must do (to finish the program).

You must be more outgoing, if not get out your shell. You have your own set of friends in high school, which you would miss during those solitary moments. It's better if it happens that way, which doesn't mean that you would forget them. University has a diverse background, and it wouldn't be good if you prefer the people that you have common traits, if not interests. Help could come from unexpected people, and you wouldn't know if you don't make that contact. Don’t pretend that you don’t need guidance whenever you encounter problems about your studies.

Your professors are good people. You might have one (high school) instructor, whom you call names. You have good reasons for calling names, if not it looks trivial to others. You have to get over it when you step into the university, as professors are good people. They would show you’re the way if you let them. It's important to have an open mind, as well as a depreciated attitude. Keep in mind that a serious attitude could lead to a burnout.

Fake It until You Make It

You won't know that other students are uncertain of what the university would offer to them, and some are insecure of other students. It's OK to feel that way, but you must learn to be confident of your knowledge and learning capabilities. If you must fake it, then do it. This is a skill that you must use during your first few years as a professional, so practice it now.

If doubt persists, then call your parent(s) for some pep talk. They could give you some helpful tips on spending as well.

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