5 Ways to Settle in to Student Life in BrisbaneNovember 21, 2019

The Great Barrier Reef, coastal beaches, and theme parks are Queensland's biggest attractions. Brisbanites would beam with pride, as Brisbane is the best-positioned city to see these places of interest. University students who didn't grow up in this part of Australia would fancy such thought, even think of it as one way to settle in to the student life in Brisbane. Is it good enough?

Incoming freshmen could choose Sydney and Melbourne, both of which are multicultural melting pots that celebrate the arts. Brisbane is not far behind, though. Tennis fans won't like it after the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) decided to bring back the ATP Cup (and revamped the ATP Tour), and the capital of Queensland wasn't selected as one of the venues. Not all students keep themselves up to the date with the latest scores, yet this could be one of the reasons that some students choose to study in the capital of Queensland. And they haven't settled in to the student's life. Sightseeing won't be the first option, as summer is around the corner. They have two options, namely, enroll in summer courses or relish the warm weather. They must make the most out of their time, though.

Reading "Storm Boy" one more time could be a good start. Learning about Darren Shan's saga would be a detour, which could be the right time. (Summer is a good excuse to slow down a bit.) If you want to feel the university vibe sooner, you could think of other ways. It must be practical, which isn't hard to find (or follow).

Helpful Hints to Enjoy the University Life

Find a museum buddy. The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, Museum of Brisbane, and Queensland Museum would awake your senses. You can't find it in the lecture room, which could be due to a number of reasons. (If you're Arts major, you might not be passionate about what you’re learning in the lecture room. Curators could offer a cure.) There's nothing wrong about visiting a museum on your own, but having a coursemate would make it more stimulating.

Strike a conversation. If you didn't make the most out of the Welcome Week, you could get another opportunity that you must come from your own initiative. Try to get to know your professors, asking a question or two. It could lead to an interesting conversation, which has something to do with the modules. It doesn't mean that the ideas you would gain from such talks could be useful (and include it in your next assignment). Conversations could lighten up your mood, which would make you look forward to the coming weeks. There's no reason to worry about the rest of the semester.

Plan your participation in the friendship ceremony. As the name implies, Lord Mayor's International Student Friendship Ceremony would be a special event for foreign students who need to get over their homesickness as soon as possible. You might be a local who hasn't been to other parts of Australia other than your hometown, which doesn't guarantee a part in the ceremony. Make those inquiries in social media, and see where it would go. If you won't make it, there are other ways. Walk around and try to be observant of every detail (or happening) on the campus ground. Something similar could be taking place. You don't want to be the last to know.

Take advantage of the variety of food and activities. You might not have grasped the significance of living in a melting plot until you read this section. There are events that would make you more curious than ever. It has less to do with the foreign experience, especially if you haven't traveled outside of Australia, and you need more of that distraction sooner. It should keep you committed to the coursework with a little chance of dropping out.

Enjoy the sun. Queensland is dubbed Sunshine State, and it's easy to get around Brisbane. You would get the chance to meet some locals, have a little chat, and learn something about the city. It's not the sustainability, which you have been hearing since your first campus visit. You would like the humidity, which should make you forget about your little problems at the university. It's better than making such things get to you.

Here's a Smart Study Advice

The previous semester had taught you that the syllabus was your good mate. It’s not a substitute for a study buddy, though. You should have befriended a coursemate, whom you like hanging around. You should have been in a study session on at least one occasion, and having agreed to study this summer would be a great idea. It’s fine if you don’t, as you have lots of time for recollecting the previous term and learn something from it. You can look forward to the coming term, but you don’t have to be restless and impatient about it. Summer is around the corner.

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