5 memorable films set in SydneyMay 20, 2016

The trailer of "X-Men: Apocalypse" featured an image of Sydney about to be blown to pieces. This would be good publicity, but the largest city in Oz didn't seem right for a dystopian setting (or another mutant picture). There were countless movies that were shot in Sydney, but only a handful were set in this part of New South Wales. And they would be memorable. Let's take a quick look:

Starstruck (1982) by Gillian Armstrong. It could have been a modern update of an MGM musical until fans of Gillian Armstrong would realise that they were taken for a ride. It was fine with them, as the tale of two cousins wanting to break into the recording industry featured eye-catching, song-and-dance numbers. They were far from the stylish production numbers starring Fred Astaire, which would make this comedy-drama more impressive. And there couldn't be a better location than Sydney. It might be the ocean view, it could be the sunny atmosphere.

Muriel's Wedding (1994) by P.J. Hogan. Upon Rhonda Epinstock's invitation, Muriel Heslop moved to Sydney. She was searching for her ABBA-themed wedding, which would make her family and mates look up at her. But she encountered misadventures. It made her older, and probably wiser. This is what a big city like Sydney could do to its inhabitants, leaving bittersweet memories. It couldn't get better than that.

Two Hands (1999) by Gregor Jordan. No one would expect a place like Bondi having an underbelly, and someone like Heath Ledger prowling the dangerous streets. But Jordan's screenplay would dispel any doubts that this was dark tale with a twist in the end. A Sydneysider might be the only one who could discern the transformation, which would beguile outsiders. Buckle up and get ready to enter the dark side.

Mission: Impossible II (2000) by John Woo. This is not only for the hardcore fans of the classic TV series, but also John Woo admirers, Tom Cruise fans, and viewers leading uneventful lives. Sydney had never been so intriguing and dangerous. It would be far from reality, but this was make believe.

Finding Nemo (2003) by Andrew Stanton. Sydney Harbour wasn't the right venue for Marlin and Dory, but the East Australian Current brought them to this part of the world. Nemo was about to end up as a pet fish. Stanton could have thought about Tokyo, but it would be hard to imagine a clownfish as a delicacy. Bay of Bengal might have been another choice, but there shouldn't be a thing called pollution in a Pixar motion picture. Sydney, a sunny city with a laidback image, would fit the wholesome world of Pixar characters. As for Dory, she would have her own picture soon. She might end up in Sydney again.

Some might wonder why Guillermo del Toro didn't consider Sydney while writing the script for “Pacific Rim” (2013). Let's just say that a huge Gundam would look awkward in the harbour. Sydney still retains her Old World charm, but this will be another good topic for another post.

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