5 ways to achieve healthy bonesAugust 01, 2016

Healthy Bones Action Week (August 1-7) is a week-long campaign to encourage people to protect their bones from osteoporosis. Poor bone health affects two in three Australians including a growing number of men. It's not surprising, as osteoporosis is the least-discussed, under-diagnosed and undertreated disease.

One must break old habits in able to achieve healthy bones. Here are five ways to do it:

Live healthy. Aging is inevitable, and a decrease in bone mass is one of the telling signs. It's more common in women, where the reduction (of bone mass) begins after menopause. Get to know your family's history, as there might be a common illness that is linked to the loss of bone tissue. It can also be adapting to an active lifestyle, which will lead to the next item.

There's nothing wrong about being addictive to exercising. Why do more people get hooked to bad habits? Many respondents will cite stress. In this regard, smoking can help them deal with it. In the case of young people, drinking is the usual way to have fun with friends (and keep it going). As for food, it can be an antidepressant. As far as exercising is concerned, most people will admit laziness. This brings us back to the question: Why can't a good habit be addictive? This can be a wake-up call.

Abstain from alcohol. The latest NSW Chief Health Officer's report revealed a disturbing scenario. Over 65s out-drink youth daily. It's not hard to figure out the reasons. Drinking helps them deal with depression. It can provide them company. And the report can refer to the menfolk. If you happen to be one of those people, then there's no need to be ashamed of it. You don't need to be defensive either. Think of other things to keep you occupied. (You might have a long list of interests.) Get in touch with your family. Moreover, this might be a good time for nostalgia. In other words, reach out to your friends.

Keep on moving. The bones will get brittle if you don't move much. Exercising is the ideal way to maintain strong bones, but you can be creative about it. Your place might need cleaning. You haven't walked for ages. You became a couch potato (and you weren't alarmed about it). It's not too late to make some resolutions.

Drink milk. It's the best source of calcium, which keeps strong bones. Calcium absorption won't be possible without Vitamin D. Cheese, egg, and fish are the best sources.

You can't assume that most people are aware of osteoporosis, its causes, and prevention. It might be possible to be a volunteer and tell school children about it. Someone from your neighbourhood may be involved in the Healthy Bones Action Week campaign. You might learn some things (that you are unaware of). Furthermore, the line of activities will keep you on the go. In case you're thirsty, water will do.

Do you have other suggestions? Don't keep it to yourself, as it may turn out to be a life saver.

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