6 Summer Holiday Tips for International StudentsDecember 24, 2019

How is the Australian summer different from the other summers (from other parts of the world)? For one, you won't be subjected to an extreme heat policy, which would amuse tennis fans. University students enjoy a long summer break, which is their reward after surviving the stress of paper writing and examinations during the last few months. You might be left wondering what to do, even fear of homesickness that could trigger impulsive spending (among other things). Fear not, as you might have fun under the sun. And you can also make the most of the hot season.

Some coursemates, who have travelled around for quite some time, would point out that you won't experience the humidity that they have endured in Indochina. You haven't been to that part of the world, but you sense that they are exaggerating a bit after someone told you about Marguerite Duras's works. There would be one who would rue about the lack of geometric wonders, but you hardly agreed at all. (You thought that the Opera House was a precise work of art, but Sydneysiders have a different opinion.) Everyone would agree on one thing, though. The building of a snowman, rather sandman, on a deserted beach would be a unique experience. You might plan it after you think about what you must do during the summer.

If you're enrolled in a trimester program, you would know that you have a chance to finish it earlier. It should make you excited whenever you think about the prospect of working in Australia, but you must hold that thought. You already noticed your laidback coursemates, who have described the rugged landscape, if not the spectacular view of the Outback. If not either of the two, they rather look forward to loafing on the couch. It's a normal thing to do (during this season), but you're not like any local. You're in a special position, and you must not waste this golden opportunity. Don't stare at the sun, though.

How to Have a Productive Summer Break

Enroll in a short course. You might revolt at such an idea (if you happen to be studying literature) or think of the enticing sea (if you happen to be enrolled in another degree program). The objective of these shorts courses is to enhance certain skills that would help you in managing your study-life balance. If there's a cooking class, don't ponder about it. You could apply what you have learn, even invite your coursemates (before engaging in a study group). It sounds cool, doesn't it?

Relax. The heat should make you sluggish, which would prompt you to lie down in bed. It would also make you read a book, if not watch an entire season of a TV series. There's nothing to be guilty about it, as you have practiced self-control (and avoided such activities) during the previous term. You can indulge in it, but don't overdo it. You have to look at other things, which would help you prepare for the incoming term.

Take part in a local activity. You're thinking about fireworks during Australia Day, which would highlight your summer. You might forget that the inhabitants of the Pacific region are the first ones to welcome the New Year. Aren't you excited about it? If you're not keen in fireworks, you can frolic in the beach. You can also participate in a game of backyard cricket, which you've been curious for months. You can suggest a card game, where a coursemate could introduce you to Euchre. You must be ready for it.

Explore the place you live in. You never get the chance to go places during the term, which is a downer. There are lots to see in Down Under, yet the coursework, if not the lack of money, would force you to spend more time in your room (or the library). Sightseeing doesn't require lots of money especially if you plan a walking tour. You can invite your fellow (international) students on Christmas Eve, if not New Year's Eve.

Get a job. You have been oriented about part-time opportunities for international students. You would need the money if you want to augment your budget for next term, as well as gain additional work experience. It should enhance your CV if you're thinking of a career in Australia, if not anywhere outside your home country. Keep in mind that working in another country would be different from studying (in another country). You might be brave to know the downside, if not the risks, but you can skip it for now. Think of the extra money, which you can use for your immediate needs.

Prepare for the fall semester. You need a head start, and you have all the time this summer. What are you waiting for?

Travelling with a Local

You have talked about going places with a coursemate or two, who may (or may not) have explored Australia. If you're serious about this one, you should have discussed the expenses and the length of travel. Work is required if it would be a long one, but you should have worked on the details on your weekend trip. If this is not an option, you can spend a lot of time in your air-conditioned room. But don't stay long.

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