7 Ways to Celebrate Children's DayOctober 15, 2014

Children's Day is celebrated all over, but it's observed on different dates. In Australia, this special day falls on the 25th of October. This occasion is for everyone. There are many reasons, but we only need one. We were once children.

Children's Day highlights the plight of the less-privileged kids in developing countries. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance, and we can do our part by attending a (UNICEF) meeting or sending an eCard. But there are other ways to observe it. Only you can make it memorable. It doesn't required a lot of planning. Sit back, think, and then come up with a plan. Here are some suggestions:

Read a children's book. What better way to celebrate this occasion than recalling your favourite titles in children's literature? The list is long and not everyone will agree on which is the best. But some became well loved. "James and the Giant Peach" and the rest of Roald Dahl's strange stories, the Harry Potter series, the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. We may know some of them by heart, and we don't mind reading it one more time. After all, a good book is like wine.

Write a short story on children. It seems poppycock at first, but why not. This is not about achieving literary glory.

Recall your childhood. There are some episodes of your childhood you rather forget. (One of those memories is how your parents love to show your baby photos, in your birthday suit, during a party.) But you surely have fond memories with your family; you can still remember that weekend where you had fun at the playground. Then your first day of school. It will be nice if you still keep in touch with those you knew from way back. It will be exciting to get in touch and arrange a gathering.

Take a look at your toys. Not a few have that trunk where they keep their childhood toys. If not, then Mum might have put it somewhere. Now is the best time to have a look. Playing with it won't be embarrassing. (You don't have to explain if you get caught.)

Visit your nearest school. Nothing wrong about dropping by the school. It will be lovely if you can get in touch with teacher(s). You might consider organising an activity or two, where you can read a children's book. A lesson in geography is another good suggestion, where you'll find out how Children's Day is observed in other countries.

Spend a day with your loved ones. You may have a young kin that you haven't seen for some time. Set a date. You can play toys, read together, or watch the telly. You can also go out. (Nothing beats camping.)

Contact an organisation. If you're really serious about making a difference, then get in touch with any group who helps children in need.

Do you have other ideas? Let us know. We'll be stoked.

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