7 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block and Finish Your EssayOctober 14, 2019

Writer's block is not an issue when you're about to write your first essay. It happens during the first month of the term, as there are no examinations on the horizon. This is not the case two or three months later. Pressure would get to you, which could affect your focus. You've been struggling with writer's block before you become aware of it. How can you overcome it?

You must not have high expectations about how you would fare in your handling of the coursework. Keep in mind that you're a work of progress, which is what your admissions tutor has thought about you (before you accept an unconditional offer). You must do it in small steps, though. Take note of what you're about to read, as this should relieve you of any pressure that arises from paper writing.

Inspiring Yourself to Write Great Essays

You must have several options. Your professors would give you a long list of essay topics, which you must know long before the beginning of the term. It allows you to think about the topics for weeks, partly aware that you're brainstorming on your own. Some minds thrive on limited time while others need time. If you belong to the latter, then decide on what topics to write about. Make your inquiries to your tutor, who would be impressed at your genuine interest in your chosen course.

Don't think of big ideas at this point. Spare your professors from reading the same set of ideas one more time. If you still insist on thinking big, you're likely to come up with an essay lacking in clarity or you won't reach the minimum word count. Imagine a professor reading through a 500-word essay in a glance. It's like watching an ad, which seems hard to believe. It's possible, as most have been doing this task for months (or years). Choose a particular theme, which would be the basis of your essay prompt, and link it to a particular experience that should give a new perspective on an assigned text. The next item is related to this one.

It's OK if you don't want to write about your past. If your life is dull as water, then look to the immediate future. It's not hard to do it, as you have a life ahead of you. If you can't visualise it, then think of "A Christmas Carol". This device should enable you to wish for a better version of you. Can you say the same thing to the character that you identify with? If not, then look for another character that you can connect with. As a matter of fact, you can relate to Scrooge's salty nature. It should be good enough for a fodder of your essay.

You should know who to write for. You're writing for your professors, but you should have figured out that you're representing your university. In other words, there must be something about that school that has drawn you to it. Think about the other students (from other departments), who are right in front of you. How will you grab their attention? Think of one, which should serve as your basis for your opening. If you can't think of an interesting idea, then describe one trait that will make them want to know you more.

Don’t ever write from a first-person perspective. It’s a given that you’re about to reveal your thoughts and discuss it in an analytical, if not persuasive, manner. Professors aren’t really keen to know everything about you. There would be a time for it, but it’s your intellectual enthusiasm that they want to know. Think of yourself in the third person, which should allow you to keep the emotions at bay. It doesn’t mean that feelings would undermine the objectives of paper writing, but it could turn your essay into a train of vague, if not ambiguous, thoughts. It also means something.

Dare to take risks. If you’re writing a paper on “Peter Pan”, then it would be trite to discuss the reluctance of many adults to unleash their inner child. On the other hand, it’s too obvious to analyse the pain that would impede the smooth transition from childhood to adulthood. Have you imagined Peter Pan in Bondi? You surely have felt that unabashed joy when you’re riding the wave. (You’re also lucky not to spot the Great White, but you’re straying from the topic.) This is thinking outside of the box, which involves risks. It can take you longer (to write your draft), but it would be worth it. You’re likely to spend a shorter time on your next assignment.

Don’t stress too much about your grades. It’s easier said to write with passion and enthusiasm, but you can say that again. (And you can do it one more time.) You would be eager to write your assignment, which is a foreboding of good things to come. It would enable you to finish your assignment ahead of the deadline.

You're Doing More Than You Can Do

Essay writing can leave you exhausted at the end of the day, and it may push you beyond your limits during those busy months. Always remind yourself that you’re doing your best, and that you must treat yourself for any task that you accomplish. If you’re a smart student, then it would be a short chat with your mates. It could be a nap as well. Writer’s block shouldn’t be an issue any longer.

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