8 Ways to Brighten Your Flat Room on a Budget<September 11, 2019

You can't imagine a life within the four walls of a gloomy and dingy flat room, and you don't think that this kind of dwelling would inspire you to study Gothic fiction with such intensity. You're a Literature student, someone who is not too different from the other university students who would pursue degrees that are different from yours. It should be your task to brighten it up, and do it on a budget.

The first thing to do is to make sure that there's a distance between your bed and study table. It wouldn't be wise to keep it close to each other, as you don't need to find out why later (and regret it). You won't resist the urge to lie down on your bed and read a book. It won’t be long before you get too comfortable, and this is where the problem starts. You won't finish a few chapters in an hour or two. You would notice your heavy eyes in a short while, which would prompt you to drink another cup of tea. Some would prefer coffee, yet the outcome would be the same. Keep this in mind especially when you're tempted to keep your study table closer (to the bed). This step may require you to exert lots of effort on your part, but it won't cost you a thing. How about the rest?

Deck Your Hall: How to Make a Stimulating Study Space

One wall must be covered with post-it-notes of your (favourite) inspiring quotes. You might be thinking of Alex Garland's quote (from "The Tesseract"), where the world would be more interesting from a different, if not higher, ground. It would make you think of items of varying sizes, if not framed pictures of mismatched colours. (You would learn about this last item later.) You could be thinking of a shortlist, but don't forget the most important thing. Why do you want to study literature? The reason, which should motivate you, would be good enough.

You must have a framed photo or two. Your family should remind you of why you must strive constantly. The hefty cost (of studying) should give you a jolt (and then do well), but the term is long. (And you must keep your motivation at a high level.). Your parents (and/or sibling) should give you the resolve not to give up.

You could post a few postcards as well. If you've been to some places, then an image of Uluru may motivate you to think long and hard about your assignments. You could look for a postcard of a place that you want to go (after completing the coursework). If you don't fancy it, you could Google it whenever you feel like it.

Don't think twice about bringing your favourite books. Reading won't be nice and pretty during this time, so why not be reminded of the books that inspire you to study literature. You could read it again (and again) especially if it's a Harry Potter novel.

Don't forget to bring your favourite item from your (old) room. It should be a pillow, if not an origami that you built many moons ago. Any familiar item should help you get over the transition period sooner. It would help you focus on your assignments and examinations better.

If you want a living thing with you, ask for a plant in a pot. You rather want a physical proof of a living thing inside your room. You can ask your mother (if she tends to gardening). If it's too much, go to the window and stare at the trees.

Decorate your room with tapestries (if you want to unleash your creative side). It would be better if it has lots of colours, as the mismatch hues could put you in a creative mood. It should help you in thinking of a good opening for your essay. You may also come up with out-of-the-box ideas as well.

A minimalist approach would do, but make sure there are lots of books. You would appreciate this type of setting if you want to keep your place neat and orderly. There's nothing wrong about a chaotic environment, but your flatmates won't appreciate it. And someone is pursuing a dual degree.

Don't Plan It

You have an idea on where to put your books and the other items. It should be better not to think about it. Moving around could be a good distraction especially if you’re getting exhausted from overthinking. A nice, clean environment could help you prepare for your next assignment. This is what ambiance is all about, which is not too different from how to decorate your office space. You’re not thinking about it at this point, though.

You might be missing some things, which you must add to your room as soon as possible. There’s nothing to be ashamed about charity shops. Finding one wouldn’t be a challenge at all. You can ask your parents, but make sure that they agree with your plan.

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