Applying for Literary Studies: How to Make Most of Open DayJuly 17, 2019

Open Day is a good opportunity for incoming freshmen students who want to specialise in Literary Studies. There's more to the degree than reading and writing, and a visit to their university of choice would be the only way to get a feel of it. They must make most out of the open day, but it would be a question of how. And most of them don’t have a plan at all. If you’re one of them, pay attention to what you’re about to read.

You have decided on pursuing a degree in Literary Studies. You're confident about your chances after reading the classics. You have lost count of the short stories after you read all of Maupassant's (short) stories. You're curious about poetry after reading "Annabel Lee" for the third time. You want to know more about the stories you already read, and you would get your chance during Open Day. It wouldn't be important, though. You’re looking for a place to study, which would be your second home for a few years. The search could take weeks, and your parents might assist you on this one. It would be natural for them to recommend their alma mater, and don’t blame them if they reminisce their younger years. Remind them that you’re the one who is looking for a university, yet be grateful for whatever insights you gain from their revelations.

Creating a schedule is your next step, which you don’t have to follow strictly. You’ll find out more about it later. This could confuse you at first. And then you recall your favourite books and literary genres that you want to know more. What do you want to gain from your study? Are you willing to dedicate your life to it? Can you get over the setbacks? The answers to these questions would help you in coming up with a short list.

Short List of What to Do on Open Day

Get the feel of the city. If you wish to study in Sydney, you're thinking of the Sydney Fish Market. There must be lesser-known spots that can offer the same variety as the Fish Market. You can also look around for the places of interest, which you're likely to go when you need to get awhile from the hustle and bustle of the coursework. This is also your opportunity to look for book shops. You would recall it when you make comparisons later. Budget would be a factor, so you don’t want to be broke during your first month. Whether you live in Sydney or any major city in Australia, you would find yourself in a seaside community. This could be a good opportunity to find out if you can study in the beach. The crowd can distract you while the coastline doesn’t look inviting during colder days. You should know it unless you’re willing to make a difference. It could lessen the pressure, so think about it. 

Check out the accommodation. You can choose a flat that you can share with other students, if not having your very own space. It could be a small one, which might be the best option in the long run. Location is another thing to consider, as there are days when you don’t feel like strolling. Transportation could influence your final decision as well. It would help if you study the streets and landmarks between your place and the university. It might come in handy while writing your assignment. You’ll also discover a shortcut route, which should help you when commuting won’t be an option. In other words, study the traffic.

What about bicycle parking? You can inquire the management in charge of bicycle parking facilities if you’re thinking of using a bicycle. You don’t have to wait for the term, as you won’t know if this could be a time-consuming affair. And your coursework would gobble much of your precious time.

Grill older students on the course specifics. You don’t have to prepare follow-up questions on paper writing. You can ask them about their favourite novels later. You should be curious about the daily routine of students (specialising in Literary Studies), and where most of them hang out. Moreover, you like to get some tips on how to live on a limited budget. This could be a serious problem when you can’t write on an empty stomach. Your tutor could give you helpful tips, but some students won’t give guarded responses. You would prefer theirs.

Join a short tour of the teaching facilities. An Open Day would be incomplete without joining a tour of the teaching facilities. It’s important to know the places, as there could be one instance when you must procrastinate to beat a deadline. You don’t want to get lost.

Open Day is Quality Time with the Family

Parents would be assured if their child would like the university. They will ask questions, which is expected. You can discuss about your schedule prior to Open Day. There’s no need to be a slave on scheduling, as Open Day is another chance of having quality time. If you feel like sightseeing, do it without hesitation. Nothing would be lost if it’s an hour or two. Make sure that your inquiries are answered at the end of the day. It should help you in picking one or two universities, and your focus would shift to your application.

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