Can I Hold Down a Job While Studying at the University?January 14, 2019

The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems to be. It shall take more than a can-do mindset, as the coursework can demand more of your time. You might find it hard to believe, as you're taking it easy and slow during these warmer days. You're still hoping that the Hopman Cup won't be scrapped off next season. This is the distraction that you need, as the previous term would make you more energetic as you think it is. It can be frustrating at times, as you feel like you can do more during the summer. Mum keeps on reminding you to make the most out of your holiday. (And you take heed of it.) You're not one of those lucky teenagers who doesn't have to worry about finances, so the need to look for other options.

Your parents may have promised you to assist in your studies for the coming term, but you fear that it might not be enough. You have talked to fellow students, who happen to pursue a degree in law. One seems to regret making a hasty decision on studying and working on a part-time basis. An achiever, which is your impression of him, yet it takes more than discipline and commitment to strike a balance between the two. This should bring you to your case. Do you have what it takes to be a working student? The next section should help you in answering the million-dollar question.

Yes or No: More Questions (That Need Answers)

Are you willing to give up your social life? It would be near impossible to find time, little as it seems to be, after you get a part-time job. Keep in mind that the coursework should determine your routine, which can test your patience. Expect the days when you wonder if you have made the wrong decision in passing up those parties. You would wallow in self pity, becoming envious of other students who don't have to deal with this situation. If you love the outdoors, then you would yearn for the sea breeze on more than one occasion. The best thing that you can do is to keep an active presence on social media, as a few-minute chat with your mates might make it up for it. Kind of.

Will your employer agree to a flexible schedule? It might take some time for you to answer this question. There are days when you don't feel like studying while there are other days when your body can't withstand the pressure and stress that comes with the deadlines. Let's not forget the lectures, which is held in the morning (and possibly early afternoon). It leaves work on the late afternoon or early evening. You must be able to make the most out of what little time is left on you, if not use the mini-breaks for reading, reviewing (for examination) or chatting. (If you're really exhausted, then you need a distraction.) The final month of the term should compel you to ask your boss if it's possible to take a leave from work. Don't anticipate a negative response. (You don't want your academic performance to suffer due to it.) If you happen to prepare for an interview, then prepare a short list of notes that you would raise up (after the interview). It's better to be clear on certain matters than to leave a bad impression on an early notice.

How much you can handle? This is a question that you would keep on asking yourself on a frequent basis. It can reach a point where you begin to doubt yourself. Don't ever think that there's something wrong with you. A loan is your last option, yet it may be the better one if you need to give your utmost attention to your coursework. There are terms that you need to know too well, such that it won't pose a burden when you have found your (first) job. You might ask your folks about it, as they surely know a thing or two. And don't hesitate to approach any member of the faculty. (Your tutor can lead you to the right individual.) There are many ways, which is more than yothink. If you're relentless in looking and inquiring, then you don't have to worry for too long.

Looking at Your Other Options

If you're thinking of gap year, then you're too late for it. You have decided on it before your first week at the university. (You could have deferred your admission.) On the other hand, you might get impatient in waiting for your final year. And it won't be a wise idea to postpone your work on your thesis and other requirements (that lead to your undergraduate degree). There's only one way, which is to deal with it right away. If you will have a problem with your tuition, then talk to your parents. Make a promise to them. It should ease the pressure, even if you insist that you can manage it.

A laid-back personality will cringe while reading this post. If you happen to be one, then it's time to think of other options. It must not be about work unless it should be a part-time opportunity.

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