Check Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Before Going to UniversitySeptember 07, 2018

You have received an unconditional offer from the University of your choice, unable to believe your good luck. You may not give yourself enough credit, as penning an admissions essay would require courage on your part. After all, you wouldn't know how your admissions tutor responds to your arguments, not to mention your writing style. You're about to attend the university soon, and you found yourself in an unfamiliar territory. Or is it?

There's no end to listening and learning in the university, which you should figure out after doing your own research. You would attend O-Week, expecting to hear worse things. What could be more unbearable than the heat that you have endured during your visit to the Outback? You might guess the long hours that you put into reading, and probably the little input that you would put in your papers. What could be more frustrating than your inability to learn to surf? You wonder if it would take you longer to master the fundamentals of essay writing, making you embarrassed whenever you think of how other students managed to do it in a shorter time. What could be harder than waiting for the right time to go on holiday? It should be the adjustment that you must make after your first week (in the university), which may take a week (or more than a month).

You have your own set of beliefs, which would help you stand out in secondary school. It could have held you back in other areas, but it should be too late to think about it. The university would be another opportunity to check on those beliefs, which you must let go if it would prevent you from becoming a success.

Three Classic Responses from University Students

"Yes, but…". Why couldn't you finish your assignment in a few hours? Why wouldn't you read all the titles (that your professors ask you)? Why shouldn't you give more time to your studies (when it's needed)? You could cite reasons on why it won't work at all OR look for ways to make it happen. You're a freshman, who happen to get accustomed to the daily routine in the university. It won't be right to put too many expectations during your first month, even the first few months. You may be unable to handle the disappointment. If you do, then there's a possibility that you might dwell on it. You simply do what must be done. If you have problems in motivating yourself, then recall a recent outdoor experience. You may have struggled with the long walks, if not the continual ascent (during a hike). You would take a break, but you didn't retreat. This should give you confidence, which would enable you to handle more challenging tasks during the latter part of the term.

A lifelong-subscription to victimhood. It would be human nature to blame anyone, if not anything, whenever you fail on something. It's a mechanism that deflects the fault on you, which you may not be able to manage at the moment. It won't be uncommon among students who miss the deadline (to their assignments), even those who didn't get a good mark in their examinations. There would come a time that you must own your fault, though. It may not make other students admire you, but your professors would expect it from you. This should make you one step closer to adulthood, but there's something else. Your admission is the first step to success. (You should be aware of where you have done wrong, and what steps must be ensured to avoid it next time.) Your younger years would come to mind, where you first learned how to ride a bicycle. (Your first reaction to the pool, when you learn how to swim properly, could be another good comparison.) Your parents may be around back then, but it doesn't mean that you couldn't do it on your own.

Slamming the doors on the number of options that would make you become a better student. Those who have been on the road could attest to it. You should be able to experience something very different from what you have been doing before, and the university would provide you with lots of opportunities. If should put out of your comfort zone, which won't be a nice place to be. How you respond to it could tell your eagerness to do well. Think of your new room, which is far from your cozy room at home. Can you get passed your trepidation (and make new friends)? You won't have any other options. And managing the budget? It might take you some time before you could give a proper reply, but you know where it goes. There should be more questions to answer, which wouldn't be hard if you open your mind.

You Only Have One Life

If you read the above, again, then you would realise one thing. The university is about taking charge of your own affairs. You only have one life (unless you contemplate graduate studies).

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