Do you want to be home schooled?April 08, 2016

If you're familiar with the educational system in the US, then you would know what made the system in the state of Pennsylvania special. Home schooling was allowed, even regulated by law.

You would be curious, even excited about it. There are pros and cons, though. Let's look at the upside:

Home schooling is for students who need more attention. An ideal classroom would make up of fifteen students or less. Not that an instructor is incapable of teaching more than that figure, but the quality will be affected. Some are fast learners, while others need a little time. And then there are those who are special cases. (A visual learner, for instance, shouldn't be considered as a slow learner. It takes trial and error.) The one would need more attention, and home schooling might be the right one for them.

A flexible schedule can go a long way. Let's clear the air on this, as a flexible schedule doesn't mean students have more time for idleness. If parents and teachers look at it thoughtfully, then home schooling will give students an opportunity for other things. More time on reading will impress the admissions tutor. Indulging in other interests may lead to a dream job. And parents can encourage their children to lend their time in volunteering. A campaign for a cause is a good chance to meet other people, whom they might work in the near future.

Home schooling can be a good alternative for bully victims. Unless there's no other alternative (for socialisation), then solitude might be appeal to them.

Here's the downside:

No interaction with fellow students. It's important for young students to socialise with their fellow students. Bullying is part of the culture, but it doesn't mean it can't be avoided. (Parents and teachers must guide them on this one.) Nothing beats the moments when students spend time together, as this will be an integral part of their lives. And it's likely that they'll end up as (lifelong) mates.

Parents might not have the time for their children. Parenthood is a 24/7 job, and they must make a living to support their kids. It's understandable that they would not be able to be attentive to their children all the time, but home schooling must be taken seriously. Any lapse would defeat its purpose.

Teachers are not bad as they seem. A teacher would be there. Always. They want the best for their students.

It's time to make a decision. Think long and hard about it, as this can be a defining moment.

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