Don't Ignore StressJuly 16, 2015

Lifeline has an important message on July 24, but most Aussies know what it is. There are many ways to beat stress, which doesn't need to be told once more. But it should.

No one has a clue if they are stressed, until the body sends signals. Body aches. Change of mood. Loss of enthusiasm. It can happen to anyone. Everyone know how to respond to it. There will be serious consequences if we ignore stress. It can be costly too. Here are some friendly reminders:

Stress can affect your relationship. We need a support system, a close-knit of people who will be there for us. Not that they can understand you when you're dealing with stress, but something may happen if it gets worse. No one wants an argument, especially if it's due to petty incidents. And we can't expect our family and mates to be patient, most of the time. Talk to them. (They won't mind.) Give yourself some space. (Indulge in your interest.) Focus on your quality time with them.

You won't perform well in the office. This is where stress is often experienced. There are too many tasks to do, such that we forget the time. There is nothing alarming about it, but we tend not to pay attention to ourselves. (You must have missed your meal.) And if you value your job, then the pressure sets in. We tend to worry, even forget to unwind. There's no need, as long as you take care of yourself. Always keep a positive attitude, and there's such a thing as a helpful colleague. If you're a student, then try to keep up with your schedule. It can be challenging, but you don't want more problems.

Money keeps you off balance. Most have to deal with financial struggles, and there are many cases where we wish we can have it all. So we try harder, often reminding ourselves that we can deal with stress. Not a few forgot the basic reminders. There are moments when we need to take our time. There are also instances when we should live within our means. Nothing wrong about simple living, as many would yearn for it.

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