Don't Seek Online AdviceNovember 02, 2015

Students turn to the Internet for advice, from coursework to career options. And it may not be a good thing.

It's not surprising to see this trend, as anonymity gives them the courage to be more open about their predicament. Moreover, they'll get advice from those they hardly know. If it's from their parents, then they might deal with stern faces.

Unless you come from a close-knit family, then you would agree on what you're about to read. If you're not one of those students, then you have second thoughts at this point. No one will scold you. In fact, you'll feel good about it sooner or later. Here are the reasons for not seeking online advice:

You don't need approval right away. It will be better if someone looks at your case differently, who won't agree on everything. It doesn't mean you're the least congenial student in your department. There will be disapproval from online users, but it will be another thing with someone who knows you. If it has something to do with your studies, then you might get a few pointers. And it can help you. If this will be about career options, then it can give you more time to think it over. You'll make the right move, which you won't realise right away.

No need to look for your support team. What is your reason for looking somewhere? You don't have to spend a lot of time searching for a sympathetic ear. There may be a need to do a bit of rehearsing, where you must sound convincing. You also want to make sure that your choice of words will elicit empathy. It's fine if you don't get what you desire, as what they'll tell you might be good in the long run.

You only need to be reminded now and then. There are cases when you try too hard to figure out the answers, but you overlook it. Deadlines will make you anxious, while the coursework will prompt you to think more of yourself. It happens to the best of people. But look at your roommate, even your housemates. Observe your coursemates. Listen to your parents too. You'll get a better picture. You might fancy the situation sooner or later. If not, then get a good night sleep.

Words don't have meaning. You'll be surprised at the encouraging messages you'll get from strangers, but the Internet is something else. When you're facing a familiar face, then you know it will be different. It can make you brave. Don't hesitate, as you'll never know.

If you disagree, then let us know. We might learn something new. If it's a violent reaction, then better take a rest. And we'll talk later.

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