Dual Degree: Double Your Opportunity or Nightmare?July 15, 2019

There is an increase in the number of university students pursuing a dual degree these last few years. It should increase their marketability, but there's a downside. You're an incoming freshman, and you wonder if you're up to the demands of the coursework.

If you're torn between two fields of study that you both like, a dual degree should solve your dilemma. Many (dual degree) students would struggle with timetabling, though. It could be a nightmare if not managed accordingly. It could make you change your mind. It would be possible if you set your mind into it. You must ensure that it wouldn't affect your health along the way; remember that you would write more essays than students pursuing a single degree. You can't afford to make some risky moves, so it comes down to planning. Are you up to it?

5 Ways to Pull from One Set of Demands to the Other

You must attend lectures on the same building, so you don't get tired easily. You don't have the luxury of a time, so think of the lack of free time. You also need to rest, if not idle as long as you can. You would know the importance of the latter when you're struggling to finish your draft of your assignment. This has something to do with the time that it takes to go from one lecture room to the other, so it would be convenient to do it in one building. Teenagers have lots of energy, but it could be put to the test during the month of December and spring semester. It's not worth to turn your life upside down.

The two fields of study must complement each other. You must show that you're wise beyond your younger years, as you think about the importance of reading during your spare time. You're not compelled to contribute to the discussion during lecture hours, but you don't want to end up as THE only student to remain silent during the lecture. Your tutor would help you on this one, ensuring that you won't lag behind the other students. If you're an up-and-coming Literature student, you can attend modules in Journalism. History could compliment literature as well. Language is not counted in, though. An incoming Math or Science major would have to think long and hard, as a good combo could increase their chances of employability. Whether you’re into arts or math or science, ask your tutor if you need to clear things up on this one.

You must be ultra-passionate about both fields of study. You would need it whenever you summon your resolve. It should happen whenever you veer off your strict routine due to lack of inspiration, lack of funds, or problems in time management. Your ultra-passion should put you into a very intense mood, which you would need when you must open more book. Don't overdo it, as you can't afford to lose sleep for tomorrow's lecture. It would help that you seek like-minded coursemates, if not look up to another student. Inspiration can do wonders.

Don't mind what others think about your workload. You should expect many students remarking on your lack of dedication on one field of study. It would be natural for anyone trying to follow a strict schedule. It's the only way to pull it off, yet you're aware that not one field of study is more important than the other. There are other students who would question your commitment. You must get used to it, even if you're approaching your final year. Respect and support would be better at this point. If you can't get enough of both, let it pass. You have many items in the table (to think of other things). If you can’t ignore it, distract yourself. It could be reading a paperback that is not part of the reading list. You can listen to music for an hour, if not watch an episode of your favorite TV show. You can get in touch with your old mate.

You must keep an open mind. You must adapt to the flexible schedule sooner than you expect. An open would make your life easier. There's nothing wrong about changing your mind unless it's too late for that option.

Studying in Detail

The advantage of pursuing a dual degree is you get the chance to study both fields in details. You will appreciate it more, but there’s a possibility of regretting it later. It’s important to read the previous section one more time. Take deep breaths whenever the situation overwhelms you. Lie down when you need it. Take a nap if you can’t resist the urge to close your eyes. Make sure that you beat the deadline whatever the circumstance. You can procrastinate if there are looming deadlines, but don’t make it a habit. A dual degree is meant to be enjoyed if you don’t want to pressure to get under your skin.

There will be instances when you wonder if your isolation and exhaustion would pay off. Those who receive their dual degree would say so. They won’t comfort you during those challenging moments, though.

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