Here's a Geography TriviaJuly 09, 2015

Unlike the US, Australia doesn't observe Geography Week. You reckon Aussies to be the outdoor type, often going places. But have you wondered about your knowledge on Oz? How about the world? Not a few will snicker at a subject matter that can be considered useless. And they have a point.

Knowing all the largest cities in Australia won't land you a job. (Unless you're inclined to the aviation industry.) There's no need to be familiar with the places in Europe, but you might need a crash course when you decide to do a backpacking tour of the continent. The list goes on, but stop and think about it. Geography has its usefulness. It can also be embarrassing if you don't know some things about countries and cities.

Let's take an introductory course:

Five countries have bigger land areas than Australia. We inhabit the largest continent in the world. In fact, only five nations have a larger land area. If you've been travelling a lot, or even read the news, then you have a clue. America is one of those countries, Russia as well. Canada too. If your guess is Brazil, then you're right. Don't be surprised if China is included in the short list. Some might wonder if the state of Alaska is bigger than Australia. Not quite.

Western Australia is bigger than you think. There will be a new park in WA, which will attract visitors to the Kimberly region. It surrounds three protected habitats. It's also the home of endemic species like the quoll. It's about 50,000 square meters, bigger than fifty or more nations. So imagine if it's the entire state. If you remained unconvinced, then think about the cattle population and the places they can be found. It's way bigger than Great Britain.

Sydney is Australia's largest city. Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, has enjoy its reputation as being the largest metropolis in Down Under. It's also the leading city. Melburnians are probably envious of it, as they've been hogging the limelight with Sydneysiders for decades. It may not be the case in the near future, as it's been predicted that the Melburnians will outnumber the Sydneysiders. This can mean an increase in land area. There's also a study, which shows Melbourne bigger than Los Angeles. This has been happening for some time, and don't be surprised if another city will surpass the figures in the distant future. Adelaide, perhaps.

This is just a teaser. If your curiosity is piqued, then be prepared for more trivia. It can get exciting, with all the information you will learn. Don't take it too seriously, unless you're thinking of a career related to it.

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