How Can Journalism Help Your Job Prospects?October 21, 2015

Superman didn't inspire you to be a student in Journalism. (Likewise, you didn't take Journalism courses because you want to meet Lois Lane.) Not all students will become a journalist, but the basics will help them.

In case you find it hard to believe, then sit down and listen. Try to remember the following:

Journalism is about paying attention to details. Many students are unaware that the little things can make a difference. Even Journalism (major) students won't figure it out at first. To be young means making the most of the moment. And they tend not to take their studies seriously. But they should. It won't be a piece of cake, as a good news article must be accurate. Take a look at some Yahoo articles, which needs proofreading. One can surmise what the editors are doing.

A good news article must grab your attention. Some will point out misleading headlines, which is one way of attracting readers. It can be an exaggeration, which diverts them from the truth. (There will be another place and time to elaborate on it.) Think more often of your CV, as this document will expand (or narrow) your career options. It will impress (or disappoint) prospective employers. You must know what phrases to include, which will grab their attention right away. Journalism will give you pointers.

You'll get out of your comfort zone, and it will be good for you. Not that you haven't experience such a feeling. You shudder, hoping not to go through it again. But you wish. There's no need to be despondent, as this will prepare you for more tasks. This means you're capable of handling it, which will impress more people. Think how your CV will turn out. This is what students (in Journalism) do most of the time.

It's about beating the deadline. Students of literature often experience it. There will be many deadlines, and they beat the odds. But they'll miss once or twice. If this happens, they approach the secretary (of the Department of English) and hope she will be a guardian angel for them. Such a thing is not allowed in publishing. The goal is to be the first to break the news. One must keep up with the latest trend. It will be challenging, even demanding. But it can be fun.

You'll read more. We must keep on reading, and we should enjoy it. Building vocabulary is the best predictor of language competence. And it make better writers. Think about it.

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