How to Save for a Rainy DayOctober 09, 2015

You heard this story over and over again, and it would go like this. Students must make ends meet, while trying their best to earn a degree. Loan. A part-time job. Accommodation they can't even imagine living in. What a great tale if they make it, but there will be a debt to settle after graduation. They might be working on the same job, wondering how they manage to live in that cramp space.

Unless they have well-to-do parents, then this is a scenario that is becoming tiresome to hear. It might be you, and looking for a sympathetic ear may be a challenge. Are you about to throw the towel? No way! A college degree is worth striving for. Some may not have one, yet manage to be successful in their respective fields. It's a case of the right place at the right time, and you know what follows next. But let's focus on the main issue.

If you're a struggling student, then how can you survive the term? Act like one one of the humble lads in Charles Dickens's books. (If you haven't read "Great Expectations", then it's OK. There's a good chance you'll study it next term. If you haven't seen the film version featuring Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow, then it means you're not that old.) You want something more specific? Here's a few:

Saving is easier said than done, but you don't have other options. You can't helped but be green with envy at your housemate, who doesn't have a problem with finances. On the other hand, he's keeping to himself most of the time. Maybe he's a serial killer or something. (You've been reading too many books by Stephen King!) Let's get serious. Save whatever money you have. Don't buy unnecessary items. This may be too much, as we live in a consumerist society. But the thought of being penniless will motivate you. What if it's a book in the reading list? There's a public library, which is not far away. If you don't fancy dropping by, for whatever reason, then go online. You'll find some useful information in an hour or less.

Better learn to appreciate the value of hard work early on. You don't have to think long and hard about finding a part-time job. In fact, everyone you know don't have a dull moment. Don't forget your studies. And make sure you get enough sleep.

There are hard decisions to make. You'll sacrifice a few years, which can be the most exciting episode in your young life. If someone invites you to go out, then you might worry about spending. A can of beer or two won't hurt. How about a gig? Maybe next time. A trip will be out of the question. Your housemates may suspect you as another Scrooge, which is fine. You don't need to explain everything. Patience and diligence pay off.

We like to hear other ideas. Drop us a line.

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