How to Become the Best University Student Out ThereApril 30, 2019

The university can be a path to your dream job if you have the right mindset and attitude.

It's a well-known fact that many teenagers go to university because they can't think of anything better to do. This isn't an alarming thing, as many students won’t figure out their true calling during their first year. It doesn't guarantee a smooth transition from lecture room to the workplace, as an undergraduate degree isn't transferable into the workplace. Some students have a snobbish outlook while others are simply immature and irresponsible. The inability to communicate effectively would compound matters, prompting a few people, from higher places no less, to suggest internship. If you happen to be one of those students who are insufferable snobs, then you must read this piece seriously. If you still can't let go of your immature, if not irresponsible, ways, then you need to steely resolve. It might mean reading this article again (and again). Support could help you get through it. How?

If you're serious about apprenticeship, then you must have a realistic view about it. There's no need to stoke your craving for adventure. (Getting lost in the Outback could get you into lots of trouble.) You also don't have to fan your dreams of stardom. (It won't be nice to be perceived as an attention seeker.) And working in another country doesn't seem captivating at first sight. (If you have ambition, then picking fruit must be your last option.) Apprenticeship is an opportunity to meet different people with one or more specialties, who could guide you to the right direction. You would achieve your career goals in the shortest time possible. If you're not too keen on apprenticeship, for whatever reasons, then there should be other ways.

Many employers think that graduates take eighteen months before they get up to speed with their colleagues in the workplace. You may have a Herculean task of not letting those few years of your time in the university go to waste, but resolve should make you do it. How?

What You Must Do if You Don’t Want Apprenticeship

Make no excuses. You can have fun, but it shouldn't motivate you to take the coursework seriously. Responsibility does make you uncomfortable, such that you might wonder if you would be missing something when you don't meet familiar faces in the hall. If you can keep it to the minimum, then you won't have a problem at all. (Think twice about getting stoned, as no one may help you get back to your room.) If you must live by a shoestring budget, then you won't have other options. You would be tempted, also make mistakes. It happens to everyone, so get over it immediately. Always remind yourself that your coursework is your first priority. Don't be too obsessed about high marks.

Learning isn't confined to the lecture room. Many employers value employees who communicate effectively. You won't learn it in the lecture room until you've been assigned to your (study) group. You gain some confidence by initiating the discussion, but it won't be good enough. Show some interest in paper writing, such that you keep on looking at the (online) thesaurus. Proofreading can be a taxing task, but keep on doing it. This should make it less difficult. And don't be afraid to express your thoughts (or feelings) at times. It's all about getting comfortable on your own skin, and not being too mindful about what others are thinking. Some might be too sensitive, yet you can adopt a polite approach. And it's sometimes better to agree to disagree.

Maturity doesn't happen overnight. There's no need to go through a traumatic experience, which should speed up your adolescence. It's about making hard decisions like passing up a party that your mates have a plan for a week or two. (You can promise to make it up. If you're not hosting it, then make sure that it would fall on a weekend.) Procrastination also falls under this category. (Try to finish your assignments ahead of the deadlines.) And learn to prioritize the important stuff. (Doing your errands can be scheduled accordingly. Meeting acquaintances, as well as your friends, can be done without planning at all. If you're willing to handle the discomfort the following day, then do it.) It doesn’t make you an expert in relationship, but it should get you closer to that study-life balance.

Are You Too Young to Make a Decision?

You want to be independent, even turn you into a hard-headed teen before you become aware of it. There would be a clash of opinion between you and your folks, which you should expect. After all, you would learn to make decisions. It’s not easy as it seems to be, as it’s like making a leap. If you end up in the wrong place, you may resort to a blame game. There’s also a possibility that you wallow in self-pity. Don’t do it, don’t even think about it (for too long). Ask for a second opinion. You would trust your parents’, but you must seek the advice of experts in the university. Your tutor should be one of those people. It’s up to you to figure out the rest.

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