How to Finish University When You Feel Like You Don't BelongSeptember 14, 2018

It must be the sea spray, if not the heat. But it's not.

It should be natural to feel an outsider in the university during your first month. No one would judge you if you still feel the same way after a few months. It may be a different case if you haven't shaken that feeling during the final months of your first year. If you sense that it would be the same during your second year, then you must thrust yourself into a long bout of introspection. This mindset could cause problems unless you manage to hold off on your own. Getting your (undergraduate) degree is your goal.

Your tertiary education comes with a price, a hefty one. This should be good enough for a reason for motivation (to finish your studies). However, teenagers can be distracted easily. They can change their minds without giving something (or someone) some consideration. (Sleeping it off may not be an option.) And priorities aren't straightened out. Yet. All of these would stem from inner experiences, which leans to the negative. It shall pass, but you can do better.

Here's How You Do It

Don't be too obsessed about the end results. You would be surprised about this one, as you want to excel on every assignment and examination assign to you. You should treat yourself if you could meet these challenges and surpass your expectations, but there would be days when you're not up to it. The body may not respond accordingly, and there are reasons behind it. Time could be one. There are other factors, which doesn't have to be seen as excuses on your part. A long sleep should liven you up the following day. Make the most out of it.

Try the experimental approach when it comes to studying. Adopting a routine would help you manage the coursework, but it shouldn't work in most days. Long reading could numb you while the hours you devote to studying should have its toll sooner or later. You can try standing, which makes you more awake (than sitting). You could do it outside your room after you learn about the sunny forecast. And it would help if you have coursemates to motivate you. There's another thing, and it has something to do with the length of time that you spend on studying. The total number of hours that you put into it is not a factor at all. In fact, you can be well prepared (for an examination) if you look at your notes properly for a few hours or less. (In this regard, one must assume that you have been all ears during lecture.) Try shorter periods, like thirty minutes or less. Take a short break afterward. You must resume your studying afterward. Keep this interval until you feel exhausted. If you can’t get enough of sunshine, then read the next item.

Spend more time outside as often as possible. Spring time can prompt anyone to seek the outdoors, and it's not hard to see the reasons. You can indulge in the greenery, also the colours (of flowers). Don't forget about the coursework, though. Pick a nice shade (under a tree), where you can read an assigned text. There's nothing wrong about the sun, but it must not be too warm (to distract you). There's a thing called spring fever, but you know where to find a good spot. An older student, if not a coursemate, can recommend something.

Go with the flow, and then go against the tide. You may have some quirky traits, which doesn't make you the odd teen. After all, most teenagers have their share of a quirky trait or two. If you're studying with international students, then expect clashes resulting from cultural differences. It happens, so there's no need to burn bridges. In the case of small (or large) groups, then you must not have trepidation on peer pressure. It's not difficult to get along with anyone, as long as you have goodwill on your mind. It applies to students who subtly (or openly) want to have their own ways.

No one is fully prepared for this journey. You must do the tasks that is required (to complete your studies), even if you're not up to it. And no one is really prepared for it. This is the lesson that you would totally understand when you're a professional. Some rather describe it as a face-the-music moment, but it doesn't have to be harsh in your case. It doesn't have to be melodramatic as well. If you perform the task right away, then you would finish it sooner than you plan it.

Just Remember What You’re Studying For

Your degree would be your reward for the long hours and hard work that you put into your studying, but you must have another goal. There could be something that inspires you. What would it be? Try to figure it out.

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