How to Make Your Essay Writing More Interesting to ReadOctober 17, 2018

"A Star is Born", which is currently shown in theatres, has been remade many times. (It would be four times if we focus on the Hollywood productions.) A tale of an aspiring actress (or singer), and her fateful encounter with an established actor (or singer) whom she looks up to. The addiction to fame might have got to him, as alcoholism would lead to the downward spiraling of his career. He helps her, which would be his only redeeming quality. Generations of moviegoers would like this love story, but there is something that makes this movie more interesting to watch.

Everyone is fascinated of showbiz, unaware of the emptiness resulting from the years of working hard to achieve success in the entertainment industry. It should be the reason why the alcoholic actor was unable to think of alternative ways of living, and why he couldn't handle the success of the woman whom he helps to get a part in one of his final movies. Many viewers would understand the sense of betrayal, even the irony. And many would admire the woman's decision to give up her (successful) career for the man who gave her a huge break. It could be more wholesome than the other stories that happened in Tinseltown, more tragic that must not be adapted to the big screen. It might imply that moviegoers are suckers for this kind of story, but it highlights something else. University students must take note of it.

Your professor may be the only one to read your essay papers, but this should be an exercise that must not be taken lightly. Whether you venture into authorship or not, writing is not about an expression of your thoughts (or feelings) on a particular subject. You must keep your reader in mind, hoping to engage them in your narrative. How would you do it?

You Must Understand the Following

Your knowledge is not good enough. Federico Garcia Lorca's "Blood Wedding", which was written in 1932, highlighted the signs that led to the bride running away from her husband, and their respective families, on their wedding night. The full moon, stallion, and Grim Reaper (in the form of an old woman in tattered dress), would suggest that certain elements have a strong influence on the bride, her husband (whom she doesn't deserve to be her other half), and her ex-lover, and how their resistance has no effect on what would be a cataclysmic outcome for them and their respective families. Paola Ortiz's big-screen adaptation, which was released in 2015, must serve as a guide for students. Choosing Monegros Desert and Cappadocia as locations for her tragedy was a brilliant idea, which should help members of the audience who don't have a clue about the tragedy. (Ortiz didn't opt for a linear narrative.) In this regard, your understanding of the written text, and how you analyze it, would count the most. If you have gone on a holiday, then it would be possible to compare "Heart of Darkness" to the complexities that backpackers encounter during their holiday in the Far East. It must not about be the sense of entitlement (from begging), though.

Your acquaintance with the characters won't be good enough. Let's go back to "A Star is Born": the actor could have been a despicable character. He would have been a victim as well. The writers chose to depict a faded celebrity, who was struggling to come to terms with the lack of adulation from fans. And he didn't think long and hard about the dilemma it would present to the aspiring actress, who became his wife. You must identify one trait that would make you discuss a literary character in great detail and it must move your readers. (Your argument must intrigue your professor.) You must not think of checking Cliff Notes (or Wikipedia) to ensure that your conclusion won't be too different from yours. Trust your judgment.

Your resolve is not good enough at times. You must love the process that is paper writing, even if you don't fancy the art of writing during certain times of the week. There are many ways to install that passion, if not enthusiasm, in it. Make reading a daily habit, but you don't have to be a heavy reader. (You would miss on many things if you spend more time in your room.) Don't worry too much about the word count. (Writing must come naturally.) And focus on the current task. (Think about the next assignment when you're about to do it.) It won't take long before it becomes a routine, and it should test your commitment. A temporary phase, which should make you more determined than ever.

Don't forget the basics of writing

You must balance your facts with your sound arguments. It means simple words, yet it must not be short sentences. You must know preposition, the meaning of the prepositional words, and when and where to attach prepositional phrases. If you're uncertain of the words, then say it. Loud. It's not hard to figure out the words that sound natural to your hearing.

Proofreading would ensure that there won't be any form of elementary mistakes that novelists avoid at all cost. If you've mastered the art of self discipline, which is required from writers and aspiring writers alike, then you can set aside your draft for the time being. It can be hours, if not a day or two. The time away might provide you with a new perspective to your work, which could make it more persuasive than the one you've done initially. If it's not possible, then you can make it more concise than before. It's also good as well.

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