I Don't Go to Church, But I Go Out for a WalkNovember 25, 2015

Who needs meditation when you can walk for an hour or so? If you're getting exasperated about the coursework, then you can shout out your frustrations. (You'll only get annoyed responses from those who hear you.) And if you have trouble with your assignments, then you might want to sing a tune. (Expect strange looks, which is fine. It can be worse.) If the university happens to be part of the metropolis, then you wonder if a stroll is a good idea for a break. After all, you want something to inspire you. It won't be the billboard ads. (Do you like McDonald's serious lamb burger?) If there's a verdant stretch, then consider yourself lucky. Green or no green, there are many reasons to do the walk. (Getting fit is one.) Keep in mind that some of the finer things in life are free. Here are other reasons:

Walking can be a good distraction. There are instances when the coursework will get into you. And the assignments will make you want space. Unless you have a dollar or two to spare at the arcade, then why not go out. This might be the last days of spring, which makes it right to go out for a stroll. If you're too familiar with the surroundings, then think of something else. Be grateful for the break. Enjoy it while you can.

This is a good opportunity to think of other things. You're longing to go out with your housemates, but you don't have the time. (Darn deadlines!) Why not give it some thought? Not that something worse will happen, while walking and ruminating at the same time. Just be mindful of what is ahead of you.

Walk away from your troubles. If something bothers you, then go out and forget it. Thinking about it won't do any good, and beating yourself can harm you sooner than you think. This is pressure from the coursework. If you don't like to share your thoughts, then walk. Don't be surprised if you think of a solution along the away. It will be much better to laugh it off.

Look for company. Walking can be a good opportunity to catch up with your mate, whom you haven't paid attention for some time. Coursework leaves you little time for other things, but you can be resourceful. It's always better with company.

You'll remember something. You forgot the laundry. You didn't call your parents. You missed some errands. You'll remember it, while having a walk.

We might miss something. Do let us know. How about joining us for a walk?

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