I'm in good company!September 09, 2016

It was Love Your Body Week, the Internet announced to its Netizens. I've been on a diet of fruits and pasta these past months, which alarmed Mum. I assured her that I don't have any illusions of becoming the next leading man in the silver screen. I paid no attention to the body shaming posts in social media, as I was looking at my torso one more time. I turned sideways, making sure that there won't be any love handles. I could be vain, which surprised my coursemates. Uniqueness was a virtue, and its absence would turn the world into a dull place.

I had a laugh a while ago, watching a video of an air safety announcement getting a Bugs Bunny treatment. I wished all flight attendants would do this kind of thing, as my last flight was exhausting. I may be exaggerating, as it was my first holiday. I wasn't used to carrying a backpack, which amused my older brother. I fell asleep moments after fastening the seat belt. My attention shifted to cooking shows, which was supposed to give false hope to viewers. It was pretty obvious after seeing the ads. It was hard to tell if the judges were unbelievably cruel or the producers edited the segment where pressure was all over their faces. The rating was at stake, and it would be up to the contestants (or chefs) to whip up a mouth-watering dish. All I need is a miracle, all I need is you. (I would pertain to the viewers.)

This reminded me of a remark by my housemate many months ago. Why do people love to judge other people? It could conceal their insecurity, even their shortcoming. It would be a sad thought, but most people turned out to be bad in judging. My tutor would attest to it.

A travel show would be a different story, and I could relate to it. Eating street food on a gray afternoon could be an experience. And I wouldn't mind the monsoon rain drenching my bemused face. Exploring Hanoi's Old Quarter during the monsoon season could be an unforgettable moment. I was unable to take pictures, but I would remember the faces of the locals. It was another day in the office. I would be uncomfortable about it, yet such moments would make me wonder if I was living a privileged existence.

How I managed to boost my brain power

My coursemates didn't know that I was a left-handed student until they saw me signed a form. I learned from my professors that ambidexterity would improve cognitive power, which could make coursework a walk in a park. I thought that I could be included in this distinguished group, as I was unable to use my left arm during a tennis match. A two-handed backhand won't counted as one; my mates would insist on a number of times. I also used my right hand (while brushing my teeth), but it would be insignificant. Wishful thinking, if not another attempt to boost my self-esteem.

I would resort to the old methods. Reading during idle moments. Long hours of sleep. Learning new skills. I was able to figure out what was wrong with the vacuum cleaner, and Mum appreciated it.

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