Is a Bachelor of Arts Student Assured of a Long-Term Career?June 29, 2018

The University of Illinois decided to do away with traditional majors in favour of courses geared to practical skills. A double major in anthropology and computer science? It seemed hard to fathom, but it could be a trend in the immediate future after Assumption College (in Worcester, Massachusetts) thought of the same thing. And it didn't take long to implement it. On the other hand, the University of Wisconsin suspended nine majors. The administrators did it to make room for a program with clear career pathways. What was happening in a few universities in America could have a ripple effect. Don't be surprised if it would reach Australia sooner than you think.

Aristotle and the rest of the distinguished philosophers in Athens wouldn't foresee this development, which was a wrongful death by their standard. In the case of the English Department, the latest happenings in some US colleges could put the modules (set up by the faculty staff of the English Department) in question. Some students would think that the B.A. English program offers flexible options. They might have to consider studying coding and the likes if they want a long-term career. The same thing applies to the rest of the Bachelor of Arts students. Is history becoming irrelevant to the younger people? Will philosophical books gather dust in the library? Does literature belong to those who can afford it? Yes is the answer to the questions. But not really. It seems complicated nowadays.

The future of work would prompt universities to examine the academic majors as everyone knows it. Eliminating these programs may not be the wisest thing to do, but there should be a move to veer towards the vocational direction. It may be a little bit, though. It doesn't mean that universities would do a poor job in organising career preparation. (Paying back the student loan won't be an issue in Australia. It's not the case in America, where the privileged students have the advantages at the expense of their less-fortunate coursemates. It's a contentious issue, though.) If you happen to be a Bachelor of Arts student, then you should know that a commitment to a traditional major has its rewards.

How Can a Study in Classics Guarantee Success in the Job Market?

Keep in mind that the world moves in warped speed. The skills that you learn now could be obsolete ten years from now. You must adopt a savvy approach to the current trend in the work force, as you build up your CV. If you're a member of a club, then don't be a passive one. An active role should give you the opportunity to know your best straits. Remember them while customizing your CV. Be an intern, if not look for a part-time job during summer. If you're thinking of going away, then you must look for volunteering opportunities. Attending a full-moon party would make recruiters doubtful of your potentials.

A student of traditional major will learn the importance of focus. A casual approach to the study of Modern literature won't help you understand the works of Joseph Conrad. It also applies to the analysis of the ancient civilisations. You must focus on it, a trait that will help you deal with mercurial employers later. Not that you won't end up lucky (finding a heaven-sent boss), but think of discipline. It's easier said than done, but you must learn to want it. The rest may follow slowly, but patience is a virtue.

Learn to do the balancing act. A practical approach to your career will benefit you in the long run. It doesn't mean that you must abandon your quest to be an enlightened citizen. A visit to the museums should make you realise that history, philosophy, and literature are way better than occupational therapy. They ensure cultural continuity. If you're confused about it, then visit the Outback. Don't look for adventure. Can you imagine Australia without it? The experience will teach you to hold a thought. It's what a traditional major does. Your professors rather call it a discipline.

What You Reap in the End

Don't be discouraged if you don't look attractive to recruiters on your first foray in a job application. These traditional majors may be impractical to them, but how you use your network would make a huge difference. A collaboration could lead you to the dream job. It's all about giving it a try, keeping an open mind, and making another attempt if it doesn't turn out what it is.

It also pays to make a commitment to your studying of these traditional majors, even if it's only a hobby. The fruits are enduring. Recall the artifacts of antiquity in the museum, which you keep on staring at. Read the most memorable lines from the classics. Look at the works of Rembrandt and his peers. These artists are never forgotten, as their creations are preserved. There's a romantic aspect behind it, which won't appeal to an accountant (for instance). Not that you won't think about this career path.

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