It's About Cupcakes and Sweet PetsJuly 15, 2015

The members of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will be busy with baking and distributing cupcakes on August 17, and many will satisfy their sweet tooth. No one had a clue on the individual who first thought of this campaign, but it had always been a friendly reminder on animal cruelty.

In this day and age, some might be shocked to learn that such a thing exists. This must be a progressive world, if not a populace who must know better. But this shows that human nature hardly changed at all. Let's focused on what you can do. Here are the things you must keep in mind when you're considering a pet:

A pet is different from a soft toy. This is not a thing you can leave for some time, whatever your reason. If you have pressing matters to do, then find a responsible individual to look after your pet. Kind in mind that this is a member of your family.

You must be perceptive to your pet's needs. Not all dogs are the same, as different breeds mean not two have the same traits. It also goes that the same breed don't possess the same characteristics. Some might be protective of the owner, such that s/he doesn't want any other dogs around. There are others that are too mellowed, they don't want the presence of kids in the house. Most don't want to leave your sight, which is why you'll find someone snuggling in the middle of the night. So spend a lot of time with your pet.

Don't ever think about breeding. Puppy can be adorable, but raising one is another thing. It demands most of your time, even your resources. Don't forget your older pet(s). Do you really want puppies? If you're really serious about it, then make sure you're not doing it to make some money. Talk to serious breeders.

Senior pets make better companion. The presence of old dogs in shelters is not an uncommon sight. There are many reasons, and most of which are valid enough. But one can't help but wonder if they're not worth keeping. Most would attach to you. In the case of dogs, don't ever think they're not playful and affectionate anymore. They do. They also know you better.

Train your pet. If you expect your pet to follow some house rules, then better teach them. Some breeds are fast learners, while the others require patience. Reward them with treats. This not only applies to your canine friends. (Animals are perceptive and intelligent.) Don't give them cupcakes, unless it's from dog-friendly ingredients.

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