No Meat: 10 Ways to Eat Vegan on a Student BudgetSeptember 27, 2018

A university student must not have any major issue with food, as a limited budget can cover fruits and vegetables. It may seem hard to believe, but it's true.

Some students may have an ethical stance on veganism while others think about the environment. Both reasons deserve admiration, but both are hardly sensible in this case. It's hard to make a stand on an empty stomach, Moreover, poor nutrition won't inspire anyone. Books like "Smart Carbs" won't give you a sensible, if not economic, approach to this kind of lifestyle unless you want to test you mother’s patience after making repeated calls. It's very important to find out how veganism can be a key factor in studying well.

A poor diet can lead to serious health concerns, which should affect your results in paper writing and examinations. A healthy option is not an option at all, but it doesn't mean that there aren't any cheat days. Peer pressure may play a part, but you can put your persuasive skills into good use (and opt for pizza without any meat toppings). On the other hand, red wine would be a better substitute for beer. It would be impractical to buy a bottle every other week, though. We would get to that part later.

A diet of fruits and vegetables is the best option. You have all the needed nutrients, which should keep you from getting sick. You would be able to handle the stress. (Let’s assume that you're not losing sleep, as you have planned your schedule accordingly.) There are instances when heavy eating would help you cope with the long hours of writing, but you rather think about the term. (You don't want to struggle with drowsiness especially when you're preparing for an examination. And coffee is not an option here.)

This kind of lifestyle might elicit curiosity from international students particularly those who consider kebab dishes. And don't forget Asian students who want to spice up their meals with seasoning. You don't have to defend your preference on fruits and vegetables, but you can imagine how vegetables are stirred and fried in soy sauce. You may even ask these students, who may (or may not) be your coursemates. It can add a variety to your diet. There's a start.

Vegan Diet Every Day: Simple Tips for a Busy Schedule

Go for vegetable oil. If you have forgotten it, then you must be reminded that butter must be excluded from the list. You don't have to deprive yourself, as salt could act as flavour enhancer.

Butter bean for your soup (or casserole). It's a perfect substitute for chicken, yet you may wonder if there's anything missing in this dish. Try carrot, which can have a sweetening effect.

Kidney and black beans for your curry. Either one would be better than beef due to one delectable trait, and it has to do with the preparation. If heated long enough, then it should be tender. You won't say the same thing with beef.

Small white beans can imitate certain flavours. Think of chorizo, which won't be part of your short list. Try cannellinis, also haricots. A dose of garlic would ensure that you won't get worn out due to blandness.

Gorgeous peas, anyone? If you're thinking of risotto, then peas should make a nice addition. Choose the tinned ones, though.

Mushy peas? If you're thinking of a hot soup, which should serve as a perfect appetizer, then a can mushy peas would be the right one for this kind of dish. Make sure that you have checked the expiration date (before purchasing it).

Buy a kilo of carrots and onions. You may have trepidation about food spoilage, but remember that fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life if the room (or your old, sweet home). It doesn't require refrigeration, as long as the kitchen is tidy.

Black tea is good enough. You may be wondering about the beverage, thinking of red wine and nothing else. A tea would have properties that would be more appealing to older consumers. If you’re about to snort on this one, then keep in mind that an initial discomfort would be followed with rewards that might be beyond expectation. It should give you confidence, which you can channel into the coursework.

Veggie sausages! Veggie burgers! You might not have heard of Jack Monroe, as the only titles you can recall are “Luinchbox” (by Georgia McDermott) and “The Beginner's Keto Diet Cookbook” (by Martina Slajerova). You may have overlooked that page (or few pages) devoted to veggie burgers and veggie sausages. There’s not much to add here.

You can count on cereals. It’s hard to let go of the boxes. There may be goodies inside of it.

Around the World

Brown rice, stir-fried broccoli, anchovies. It may sound like food samples from other parts of the world, which is the case. It suggests something else. There are varieties in veganism, and you can add something to the list. If you really need a cheat day, then settle with dark chocolate. You can always count on the cookbooks, though. (And don’t say that you’ve not been warned.)

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