Paper Writing Success: How to Beat ProcrastinationApril 15, 2019

What is your reason for resorting to procrastination? It won't take a minute, if not half of it, to answer that question. You didn't read the assigned (written) text in its entirety for whatever reason(s). You can't think of a good opening after staring at the computer screen for hours. And you engage in a series of rituals that didn't motivate you at all. You don't have to beat yourself up, not even wallow in self-pity. This is not uncommon situation at all. As a matter of fact, it can be considered a university student's rite of passage. Failing to submit your essay won't be an option, and it would be hard to think of a good excuse (for not doing it). Procrastination may be the hardest thing to ever do, but you can be good at it.

The next thing to do requires your time, and you won't have enough of it. How can you write your assignment under the direst circumstances? If it's a genre that you're least interested at all, then the thought of it can overwhelm you. If you don't have an idea about the author and his (or her) works, then you must spend some time in reading the author's biography, the period in which he (or she) was born, and certain events that could influence his (or her) thoughts. You might worry about it, but it should help you spend less time composing the draft of your assignment. (It may be thirty minutes less, if not more, but it would be better than none at all.) If you have an idea, if not know how to present your arguments, then you're halfway in your goal. Your motivation would be a factor, though.

Slowly and Painfully: How to Beat the Deadline

Close the door. You don't want any distractions, and your flatmates would surely understand your predicament. (They have been in your shoes.) Don't get annoyed if someone is knocking on the door loudly and continuously. A break would do you good. Tell that student, in the shortest and most polite way, that you would be unavailable until you're done with the draft of your assignment.

Reward yourself for every small achievement. You must treat yourself right after you're done with the task. It would be better if you could do it after you're finished with your assignment, but you might lose lots to time. (You're thinking of catching up with your favourite TV show, but there's a possibility that you would end up watching it in its entirety. On the other hand, sport can be addictive.) You can consume a few slices of pizza, if not indulge in soda. It should make you feel good. It would enable you to continue your task, undaunted by whatever weariness you might feel.

You must learn to love the moment. Douglas Adams loved the thrill of beating the deadlines, prompting you to wonder if he had a close encounter of the alien kind. Focus on your homework before the thought would distract you completely. Procrastination would make you get out of your comfort zone, which should put you ill at ease. If you can't love it, then bring out your competitive spirit. (You might be a fan of any sport. If not, then you might be watching rugby with your family or mates.) It won't happen overnight, so be patient. If it's getting to you, then talk to your coursemate(s). (Misery loves company - not.)

Forget your mobile phone, emails, and social media. Your assignment is your top priority at the moment. You may be unable to pen the perfect essay, but you would be able to beat the deadline. You can make it up for the next one.

You can still call your family (or best mate). You're likely to procrastinate at night time, which should annoy your family (or best mate) if you decide to call them. Apologizing would do, but it may not be enough. You can make it up. A treat might not be one of your options, though.

What Happens Afterwards

You would be able to beat the deadline, even if you wish that you could have more time on proofreading. It won’t do you good to think about it, as you must look forward to your next assignment. You should have learned your lessons.

You must be able to identify the reason behind your resorting to procrastination. If it’s self- discipline, then it should be a slow, painful process. You may not be able to do it right on your next essay, but you should have made strides. If this is a mental issue, then you must learn to relax a bit. Try to enjoy the reading and writing processes, as it would reflect on your writing style. Lastly, you must be persistent (in beating the deadline). It’s easier said than done, but practice should make it less difficult.

If you still resort to procrastination on your next assignment, then you must not panic about it. You’re familiar with the situation, which may (or may not) make you do it with ease.

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