Philosophy, complexity, and above all, beautySeptember 26, 2016

Dad once told me about a young king named Ptolemy, who struggled in his math homework. It would be familiar to modern-day students. He wondered if there was a royal road to geometry, which I could understand. Students sought an easy path through mathematics, but I abandoned the struggle a long time ago. I became a student of the English Department. My tutor was amused, but he pointed out that mathematics was a creative enterprise. I might have to be a musician.

My parents seem to keep track of my personal fitness. They were the first ones to notice my love handles, which I didn't mind at first. I had enough when I heard the jokes. And it turned out that they would keep on asking me about my progress. I was like an angry, young lad in a kitchen sink drama, who would use anger to motivate me for a thrice-a-week run. Perhaps I was taking it too far. On the other hand, no one would know about my competitive side. It could have been a different story if I was a member of the varsity, but a sports spectator wasn't bad at all.

I like to see Roger Federer play in the Sydney International, which is held in the week before the Australian Open. I waited year after year, even wondering why the big names on the men's tour didn't participate in this tournament. Dad told me about Fed's appearance in 2002, where he won the title. He was ousted in the opening the following year, probably the earliest departure by a defending champion in the history of the tournament. I was disappointed until my father reminded me of Delpo's victory a few years ago. He might make Sydney his first event in 2017.

What to see, hear, and do in Sydney

Colin reminded me of the Beams Art Festival, where he was curious to see the lighted table. I didn't excite me unless if it would be a full moon party at Bondi Beach. Kyle thought I would be good company during the Sydney Running Festival. Alas, I wasn't committed to run the distance. Mum was looking forward to "Bridget Jones's Baby." I wasn't missing the movie theatre at all. I thought it would be better to see the latest on cable, and I was lucky to catch "Mad Max: Fury Road."

It was a dystopian version of "Gulliver's Travels" sans the political views that would make the original version stand out after all these years. Dad was reminded of the jitters after the financial crisis many decades ago. He thought the original version was unsettling, but I liked it. Perhaps I was getting restless. The remake featured surreal images that reminded me that it was nothing more than the wild ride. The movie would run for an hour and a half, so I don't have any doubts about it.

Martin called me, as he couldn't wait to tell me the bad news. We had plans to see the Angkor ruins, and he wished that we should have done it earlier. Ticket price would be twice the former (price). It could mean less indulging in beer. There may be a cheaper one along the road, but I was looking too far ahead. Have to enjoy the moment, and there would be many options.

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