Plant a Tree, Save the WorldJuly 24, 2015

You have to admire Olivia Newton-John, as she managed to find the time to pursue worthy causes despite her busy schedule. She survived breast cancer, which didn't slow her down. The star of "Grease" was the founder of Planet Ark. The members managed to plant sixteen million trees and shrubs. It's an impressive figure, but you may wonder if it's too much. Not really.

Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day, held in July 24 and 26 respectively, see students and adults plant trees, shrubs, and grasses in the neighbourhood. A verdant surrounding makes a pleasant sight, but there's more than meets the eye. Planet Ark isn't about aesthetics. Tree is vital in the ecosystem. You don't need to research on it, but it will be better to go out. Find a local park. If you feel like going places, then take a hike. It's impossible not to be aware of the dynamics in your surroundings.

After trekking for several hours, you'll learn a few things about trees. Let's look at some facts:

Animals live on tree. Birds aren't the only animals that consider trees as their home. Some are too small for the human eye to see, while others are nocturnal creatures. Many may not be cuddly, while most of them can't be domesticated. It doesn't mean they are unimportant. On the contrary, there's a symbiotic relationship behind it. This also applies to the forest and human population. Some scientists will dispute it, but let's not debate about it. Can you imagine a world without trees? What will happen to the animals? Don't get frightened.

Absence of trees leads to erosion. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the roots hold the soil. Trees prevent flood. They need water for nourishment, and there's no such thing as too much for these living things. (A catastrophic deluge is another thing, though. But let's not get carried away by our imagination.) Flooding is no longer an uncommon occurrence. It's been in the headline news. It became a serious problem in other countries, and it wasn't hard to determine the causes. The effects of deforestation and the lack of foresight. Urbanisation and poor management. The state of economy. To make a long story short, you don't need to recall your science lessons to figure out the domino effect.

Trees help us keep the air we breath. This may require spending in a laboratory, in able to see it clearly. Trees keep the oxygen, which humans need to survive. They also filter carbon dioxide, which can be fatal in high amounts. The process is rather complicated, but you only need to look closely at the leaves. You'll notice something, which is hard to explain. There goes your Eureka moment.

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