Searching for the Perfect BookmarkOctober 08, 2015

Is there such a thing as a perfect bookmark? Not that your book can talk and be demanding about it. But you can get bored with what you're reading. You'll leave it unfinished. You may forget it. Perhaps you need inspiration. A bookmark might do it.

A bookmark keeps the reader's place in a book and return to it with ease. Unless you're a student and have a deadline to beat, then there's no need to finish it in a day or two. So find a bookmark. And there are countless designs. Some have a reading jar, containing pens, pencils, and bookmarks. If you're not fond of collecting this thin marker, then you missed the market out there. Let's not talk about the best designs that are available. Try to think outside of the box. Here are some alternatives:

Photograph. Why not? Photographs must be kept in an album, while some rather post it in social media. Nothing beats a hard copy, though. And if it's your favourite picture, then you want it to be accessible. It will be better to use it as a marker. It must be an image of your family. It might be an unforgettable moment with your mates. It was a shot from your recent holiday. Good memories make you happy. It will also inspire you to finish the book.

Old gig ticket. You attended a concert and had a great time. You wanted to have a souvenir, but you forgot to take a picture. (And you had your mobile phone.) But you still have the ticket. It's useless when it's over, but it can be used in another way. Looking at it will make you recall those awesome moments, but don't forget the book.

Fiat money. This won't inspire you to be interested in numismatics, but it might teach you a lesson or two on saving. Kidding aside, this makes an unusual marker. If you don't want to buy a bookmark, then an Australian banknote might be sensible. And you don't need to worry about what other people think of you. You, and only you, can open that book. If it's someone else, then don't forget the note.

Trade card. If you're a collector of trade cards, then you might think it's silly to use one of those items as a bookmark. A collectible can be valuable in the near future, but it will depend on the demands of the market. Using one (as a bookmark) may not be a bad idea. Think twice if it's your favourite card. Perhaps there's an extra somewhere. You might consider a used one.

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