Shut Up and Stop ComplainingJanuary 14, 2016

A day at the university would be incomplete without complaining about something. A lack of time, as you missed another deadline. (You took part in the organisation of a fashion show. You couldn't turn down the invitation of your housemates, as you wanted to have new mates.) Cleaning the refrigerator one more time. (Someone ate your yoghurt.) Repetitive tasks. (You haven't thought about your upcoming deadlines. Your assignments could wait another day.) It's the new year, so you should have a positive attitude.

You're attending a university, so you should consider yourself lucky. And you must be grateful as well. Here are five reasons to cheer up:

You'll be a better person after you earn your bachelor's degree. You could be a master of procrastination, which might be a good addition to your CV. You'll manage to do a better job in cleaning your room. (And you won't forget the window, which your housemates called to your attention on more than one occasion.) But it's about knowledge. It won't be useless after a few years, as it will come handy in the distant future. Don't ever lose your interest, even your sense of urgency.

You love working with students. You pride yourselves for being pioneers. Getting stoned without sleeping outside the dorm. Missing more deadlines. (Your tutor was becoming worried, even giving you a stern warning on your last meeting. You promised to mend your ways.) You managed to spend a night on your assignment (after taking part in another show). You know that you will get in touch with your peers sooner or later, but you don't want to think about tomorrow.

You're glad not to pursue post-doc. Pressure would be part of the term, and you still have to get used to it. But it's not hard as it seemed. You were aware that there were more people in more stressful situations. This reminded you of your professors, who might complained about too much teaching and low funding. You decided not to pursue post-doc.

You can indulge in your own curiosities. Unless your parents promise you a holiday in Bali, then you should not worry too much about your scant money. You want to know more, which is why you read more. If it means spending more time in front of the computer screen, then do it. But keep away from social media.

You strive to be happy. Nothing is perfect, and it won't help if you keep on whining. Do the best you can do. It might turn out better than you think.

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