Things to Remember During O-WeekOctober 13, 2015

You heard about it, and you can't help but get excited. All freshmen students must go through a rite of passage, which they'll remember for the rest of their lives. If your guess is binge drinking, then you're quite right. But you've been warned (not to overdo it). There have been rumors about hazing, which makes you nervous. But they're only rumors.

O-Week is probably the best period of the term, where faculty and older students organise different activities for the new batch. The number of events depend on the budget, but expect your participation. Must you be worried about it? Maybe the humidity. Images of your unguarded moments in social media. You don't have to think too much, though.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Don't be grumpy on your first week. If you think those smiling faces are too good to be true, then you have an issue. O-Week is about meeting your coursemates, some of whom will be your good friends. And this will be your first encounter with the faculty. They won't bite you. As for the older students, you must not be wary of them. They've been in this position before, and they'll be glad to make you more welcome than ever. Just don't try too hard to be friendly to anyone. You'll know everyone, sooner or later.

This is your chance to be a sportsperson. It should be sportsman, but this is the politically-correct era. (Nothing sarcastic about it.) If you've been a member of the varsity, then you can continue what you love doing after classes. If you're serious about it, such that you have your mind set on collegiate championships, then there must be a way to find balance between academics and training.

Don't expect the unexpected in your dormitory. Your parents mean well if they want to accompany you to your new home. They want to compare it to your other room, so don't object if they bought something along the way. There might be a house party somewhere, so don't hesitate to greet everyone. If you miss it, then don't curse your luck. There will be another one coming. Make sure you bring the items you'll need the most. And don't worry about leaving your favourite things behind. You'll be home sooner than your think.

Be ready to explore your new surrounding. Expect a visit to the city, which may or may not be near the college. Better familiarise with it, as you'll see more of these places. And don't turn down an invitation from an older student. Sightseeing will be one of the things to do, which shouldn't be frowned on. Unless you're not far from the town and hiking requires a day or two.

Do you have other tips? Send it to us.

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