University Application: 5 Ways to Impress in Skype InterviewJuly 31, 2019

The opening of the term may be seasons away, but winter could be a good time to prepare for a webcam interview. More universities prefer this approach, which is faster and more reliable than the face-time interview. It's also more competitive, but university applicants must not be daunted by it.

There have been an increase in the number of graduate employers interviewing applicants through Skype.or FaceTime. It helps them go through the huge number of applicants in a shorter time. It would take longer with applicants wanting to pursue an undergraduate degree, but you could be one of those applicants who have trepidation about it. You didn't have a part-time experience, and you're not planning to defer your entry to your chosen university. Time is on your side, so there's no excuse about this one. It's about practice, and lots of it. Get ready.

Ace Skype: How to Approach Webcam Interview

Background can impress admissions tutor (or university recruiter). You must choose a space where there aren't any clutter at all. If you prefer your room, the bed must be made. If you choose your study room (or study table), books and other things must be arranged. You don't have to try too hard after your first few seconds (of being live on webcam), gesturing the classics on your right side. The admissions tutor (or university recruiter) would perceive your interest, if not passion, but you would need more than a good book. Communication skills and certain soft skills would determine how you handle the coursework, but you should worry about it later. Making a good impression would be your immediate goal.

Pretend that you're on the same room with the tutor (or recruiter). Your nervousness is expected, but you can handle it. The interview is the chance for the tutor (or recruiter) to know more about you. In other words, it won’t be all business. Don't repeat what you have written in your application form. If you're applying for a place in the English Department, describe your favourite books and how it change your mindset. You should have seen the module from the previous term, which should give you an idea on what titles (or authors) to enumerate and describe during the interview. If you're applying for a Science-related degree course, your responses should give the tutor (or recruiter) more knowledge about you, and why you’re a perfect fit in that department. There's nothing wrong about imagining a conversation with your old mate. As a matter of fact, your tutor (or the recruiter) would like it. And don't forget to show your enthusiasm. A laid-back approach might cost your chances, so conduct a mock interview with your old mate.

You have 60 seconds to impress tutor (or recruiter). You won't stand out if you sound modest like Jack Malik, who kisses the ground where the Beatles stand. You may (or may not) seen "Yesterday", but the lesson here is the tutor (or recruiter) won't be impressed at well-rehearsed responses and your monotonous voice. On the other hand, spontaneous responses won't take you anywhere. In fact, you might not be taken seriously. You should have made inquiries on the possible questions that would be asked about you and your application. A few sentences would do. It also helps if you don’t answer the question immediately. It should give you an idea on a good opening.

Think beyond the classrooms. If you've gone on a holiday, tell it to tutor (or recruiter). Don't be surprised if you heard an exclamation of awe, as many teenagers haven't spent hours in a museum. The same thing could be said about the opera or a local festival. On the other hand, there's danger in getting carried away when you recount your holiday. You must put emphasis in the changes in your perspective, which is what paper writing is all about. And a good writer knows how to discuss it. You could do the same thing while you write about your daily routine. Someone might see you in a different light, and you must not be hesitant about showing it. After all, your life would be easier after seeing those high marks. All of these might overwhelm an applicant seeking a place in the Department of Science (or Mathematics), but enthusiasm comes in one hue.

Record what you say, and make sure that your mic is working. You don't have to be too rehearsed, while you don't need to be too obsessed about spontaneous replies. Practice is the best course for this kind of preparation. Make sure that you have ample time for this one. (It’s not advisable to practice the day before the interview.) Don’t worry about obsessing on the little things. As a matter of fact, your chances of getting an unconditional offer would come down to it.

Finish Strong

A webcam interview can be as short as half an hour and as long as hour or more. It depends on your responses and the questions that you would ask afterward. You might have difficult in showing your passion on your chose degree course, but you can always make it up with your knowledge. In fact, name dropping would be advisable. Make sure that you won’t overdo it, as you don’t want to confuse your tutor (or recruiter). And keep an eye on your hand gestures.

Break a leg!

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