Up in the Air: Here are some friendly remindersJanuary 22, 2016

Walter Kirn's "Up in the Air" would allude to the recession that hit the US and some parts of the world. Ryan Bingham, who acted as a counselor for those who were laid off, practically lived in America's airports. The luggage was his constant companion. He considered the airport personnel as extended family. He could write a book on the best hotels in town. It seemed like a lonely existence, but he liked going places. (Kirn based his story from his own experience.)

International Civic Aviation Day, which is held on December 7, is about the importance of aviation in economic development. It's also the promotion of safety in international air transport. It's making sure your flying experience is pleasant, if not uneventful. Some have their share of horrible stories while they're in the airport, but this is not the venue to tell it. This is important to students, some of whom are travelling on their third year. Travelling can be tiresome, but there are ways to make it a good experience. Here are some friendly reminders:

Don't bring too many items. Unless you'll relocate to your new home, then it's sensible to have less items in your luggage. You don't have to line up. You don't have to worry about lost luggage. (It happens, but not often.) You don't have to stress yourself when you're in public transport.

Always come early. There are many advantages for checking early. You don't have to worry about making it to the plane before the door closes in. Moments like this might make you forget something. You don't want to be on the line for an hour or so.

Watch your belongings. We may forget our things. There are instances of theft, as losing your wallet and passport can give you headache. And you haven't board the plane yet. Your presence of mind is most needed in this instance.

Keep yourself hydrated. Better stay in bed if you have colds. If it's not a severe case, then water will keep ear pressure at bay. If you are travelling with children, then you can tell them to sip water. Don't forget to drink before the plane takes off. Do it before the plane descends into the runway.

Mind your manners. There are a number of films where annoying plane passengers turn out to be amusing characters. But they don't. No one wants noise while taking a nap. No one wants to be uncomfortable during the flight. No one wants to complain about a fellow passenger. It pays to be polite. Try to be considerate. Make sure you're not a nuisance to the passengers near you.

Move those legs. Some trips will take hours, which is not good for the legs. Unless you're in the Business class, then go to the restroom from time to time. Stand and walk for a minute or two. Do this when the seatblet sign is off.

Follow instructions. Turn off the electronic gadget and mobile phone. Pay attention to the crew when they demonstrate the safety procedures. And keep your seatbelt fastened, as air turbulence is not a joke.

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