What Would You Wait in Line For?April 01, 2016

I was delighted when my parents decided to spend the summer in Indochina. It would be winter in the northern hemisphere, which would make it ideal for backpacking in this part of the world. Not that I was worried about a limited budget, not even thinking about missing Bondi. It was prior to my entrance to the university, and it couldn't come at a better time. Looking back, the only thing I wanted to change would be the hours spent on waiting.

Whoever believed that waiting in line would be positive haven't tried it in airports. I don't want to spend three or four hours at an airport in Bangkok, under renovation, after we were told that the plane didn't depart from Phuket on time. It might be a First World problem, but this wasn't what I foresaw. (I was eager to explore the seaside several hours later. My mother, who was exhausted from what has been a long day, told me to wait for the next day.) I knew waiting was part of the daily routine, but I wondered if I would spend several years of my life waiting.

My tutor, who came from New York, had an interesting story about his hometown. Waiting has its origin in Manhattan. Back in the 1950s, a high-rise office building (in Manhattan) had a waiting problem. Too many tenants, only one elevator. I could imagine the anxiety, if not irritation, when reporting to work. I almost forgot lunch break. Human society would come a long way, but it doesn't mean that waiting was a thing of the past. It would be unheard of restaurants where customers don't have to wait for a table. The use of a loo could be another case.

It doesn't mean that the likes of me don't know a thing about patience. My housemates waited for the opening of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", but I passed. I couldn't imagine a night without lying in my comfortable bed, but an airline seat would be an exception. Here's my short list:

iPhone. I was thrilled when I heard my mates have Instagram envy. Counting our blessings was supposed not to make us compare with other people, but social media would do the opposite. I kept on reading the comments after posting my photos of the lovely Vietnamese countryside, Khmer ruins, and quaint neighbourhood in Luang Prabang. Alas, I left my phone in a restaurant in Bangkok. (I was upset after waiting under humid condition.) It was a good thing that I didn't have to wait long for the next sale, and I made sure that I came early. I knew I would get a better iPhone, and somehow the eagerness (and excitement) made the wait worth it. It wasn't bad as it seemed to be.

A movie based on Marvel Comics. I was a fanboy, so I was delighted when I learned about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Waiting for the end credits scene was the best experience. (Maybe third after surfing in Bondi and three days in Mũi Né.) And I could hardly wait for "Captain American: Civil War". I imagined what would be the end credit scene for that film. Could it be Doctor Strange?

Boarding the plane. I never imagine the sea of emotions while waiting at Kingsford Smith. Bangkok was the first stop of our trip. It was my first time to get out of the country. It shouldn't have been a big deal, but I was curious. I knew it would be a good time with my family. The flight delay (in Bangkok) was another thing, though.

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