What are the countries with the most coasts?July 14, 2016

It was a humid afternoon at the Railay Beach, which was only accessible by boat. The high limestone cliff would make this stretch of white sand isolated from Krabi, which appealed to me. I never liked crowded beaches, and I reckoned not many would fancy rock climbing (in able to get to the beach). Then and there, I recalled "Undertow".

I panicked when my professor asked us to write an essay on one of the titles on his short list. I haven't read any of the books. We have all the time in the world during Reading Week, he reminded us. I must beg off from another Friday evening with my housemates. I chose Joanna Nadin's book because it was set in Cornwall, which happened to be my hometown. And I could relate to the familiar themes. Depression. (I was itching to cross the channel and get lost in Rotterdam one more time.) Family secrets. (My old man haven't told me that he used to be afflicted with wanderlust. It happened before he met Mum during a holiday in the Pyrenees.) Difficult relationships. (My housemates kept on teasing me, unaware that I don't have time for dusting off my study table and window.) Nadin's compelling tale would emphasise Cornwall's beautiful beaches. There were many places of interest in this part of England, but I loved to see the sea.

I gazed at the entire Railay Beach, and I was certain that Thailand won't be one of those countries with the longest coastlines. I knew Great Britain would be included in the list, and I could bet a few bottles of Chang. (There were too many isles in that part of Europe.) My list would include the following:

Australia. All the major cities are located along the coastline. No need to elaborate on it.

Brazil. I hope to set foot in Copacabana. I wonder if the other beaches are similar to Copacabana.

Canada. It's one of the largest nations in the world, and there are lots of islands on the northern parts. It can mean one thing, and I'm not thinking about the journey.

Greece. There's no doubt about the charms of Santorini, but I wonder about the other isles. I haven't met one traveller who has been there (or I haven't encountered too many tourists).

Indonesia. I've been told to visit Bali, but I prefer the road less travelled. Don't ask me how I would end up in Railey Beach.

I don't have the exact figures, but my coursemates often noticed my analytical way of looking at things. (And they wondered why I studied literature.) I have a good hunch. I was about to go back to Ao Nang when someone called my name. It was Tate, whom I haven't seen for ages. He was travelling with his girl. After we told each other's whereabouts, he asked me if I have any idea about the length of Railey Beach. It would take me a long time, so I described Porthcurno instead. I compared the two. They seemed pleased with it. I haven't forgotten what I learned at the English Department.

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