What are your Winter Plans?July 02, 2015

You have all the time you want.

Unlike those living in the Northern Hemisphere, we have more options this season. It's winter, but don't expect snowfall. The sun is up, and still shining. But chances are you won't swelter after spending outdoors for hours. And if you want snow, then look for the Great Dividing Range. Snow does fall in the Australian Alps.

The term ended, and there would be no need to recall it. This won't be the best time to think about the next one. Enjoy the moment, but plan ahead. Here are some suggestions:

Time to get wet. This is probably the ideal time to go to the sea, as it's not too hot. (Don't forget the sunblock, though.) Let the breeze send your worries somewhere else. If you don't like getting a tan, then bring a paperback along. Do yourself a favour by not choosing an adventure-filled story. Even a novel about backpackers won't do. Books you study and write about can be good options, but you don't need to be too engrossed in it. A YA book will do, followed by Children's book. Many titles are written for older readers.

Pack your backpack. The world is waiting for you. It will best to plan ahead, as something can happen in any trip. Make sure you have time on your side. Make sure you have something to read, as there'll be plenty of idle moments. Southeast Asia, a backpacker's paradise, is not far away. If you read Alex Garland's works, then you have nothing to worry about. It's your journey. Be mindful. The trip isn't an excuse to vent out your disappointment from the previous term, as you're far from Oz.

Dust off the window. If you don't want to go places, then better stay home. It's not bad as it seems. You can navigate the Internet jungle for hours, where you might interesting tidbits that might be useful during the next term. Reading is also an option. If you don't have a favourite author, then this is the moment to find out. If you're uncertain about literary genres, then do your own exploration. There's no rush. If you want to go out, then you might have a problem. This is the time of the year when festivals abound. Sydneysiders are smiling, but don't worry if you're living elsewhere. (Check our your local listings. There will be one at least.) There's no dull moment.

Do you have other suggestions? Tell us about it.

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