What Type of Accommodation Will a Literature Student Go For?October 08, 2019

You are a Literature student who has to make lots of decisions. You must pinpoint which courses to study during your few years at the university. You must learn to love reading and writing as early as possible. You must decide what type of student accommodation you will go for.

Price will decide your decision, so you are thinking about sharing a bathroom. Then again, you are a Literature student. There are other factors to think about. It must not disrupt your concentration while reading a novel. It must not prompt you to resort to procrastination many times. There are three types of student accommodation, namely halls of residence, privately rented hall or flat, and your own home. If you are still undecided, you would figure it out after reading the next section.

Take Three: The Upside and Downside of Living

Halls of residence. It is not hard to guess the advantages of living in this type of accommodation. You can make new friends easily, and count yourself lucky if you meet a mature student. You certainly need someone to look up to, also someone who has experience on his (or her) side. If that someone happens to be another Literature student who has an eclectic taste in books, you know who to turn to. Think of an essay on a Kurt Vonnegut novel, if not the lesser-known short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. You have to read it, but it would not hurt to ask questions. And you rather go to someone who would not be guarded in his (or her) responses. You will also meet other students who are pursuing other degrees. Do not keep a distance from them, as you can learn something. You can gain a perspective or two, which you can include in one of your essays. Noise is the only downside while living in halls of residence. You need to schedule your reading and assignment writing accordingly. You can also ask your coursemate, who happens to reside in private hall or flat. If you prefer solitude, then think of the situation differently. You become a better person in handling it, but you do not have to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Private halls or flats. You value your privacy, which is what you need to finish your assignments ahead of the deadlines. You cannot finish reading a book if there is someone around your corner, thus you prefer the private hall or flat. If you seek company, you can invite your coursemates for a study session. There is not a better place to build friendship, yet it remains to be seen if you can build beautiful memories. It is not your reason for your attending the university, though. Price is the only downside, so you talk to your parents about it, pointing out the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that you need to make lots of connections in the university, and you will learn its importance in the next item.

Staying at home. You are not ready to make that transition (from home to hall), which is fine. If you want to spend the summer in Bali or Indochina, you can save lots of money while staying at home. And you can tell about your travel plans to your new mates. You must plan it in advance, yet you might not persuade your coursemates. Do not feel about it, as paper writing will improve your persuasive skills. Food is another advantage of staying at home, and you would not be able to write an essay of a few thousand words on an empty stomach. (Bland food does not inspire you at all.) There are other advantages, which would make you forget the disadvantages. This set-up will make you forget about seeking new friends in the university. If you think that it will help you (and it certainly will), then it will be better to join a club. The members must have the same interests as you. It seems impossible to look for other students with the same mindset as you, but you will find out soon. Do not forget to enjoy this journey, as you will gain confidence when you notice a familiar pattern.

Do Not Forget to Do the Following

Literary studies can be demanding at times, so you need lots of support. If you choose to live off campus, check out if there is a home student society that you can be a part of. The university has a staff member who looks out for the welfare of students who stays at home or a flat outside the campus. Try to reach out to this person, and try to do it as frequent as possible. If you are staying at home, you must talk to your parents about certain rules. You still have household responsibilities, which you must do once a week, if not every other week. You might have to make contribution to the household bills, and you must let them know about university socials that you want to attend. This will quell any misunderstanding and resentment.

Make the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible, so you can study hard and enjoy your socials between reading and writing.

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